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Aid gives a subject a +1 attack bonus, +1 to saves vs. fear, and +1d8 temporary hp with bonuses for militant levels.

Bull's Strength grants an additional 1d4+1 STR for 1 hour/level to the subject with bonuses for militant levels.

Consecrate blesses area providing bonuses to turn undead.

Cure Moderate Wounds heals the target 2d8 +1/caster level (+10 max) hp.

Darkness creates a large globe of supernatural darkness.

Divine Protection creatures in a single burst (similar to Bless) get +1 to AC/saves.

Eagle's Splendor grants an additional 1d4+1 CHA for 1 hour/level to the subject.

Endurance grants an additional 1d4+1 CON for 1 hour/level to the subject with bonuses for militant levels.

Find Traps makes all traps within the area known to the caster.

Fox's Cunning grants an additional 1d4+1 INT for 1 hour/level to the subject.

Hold Person makes one humanoid helpless for 1 round/level.

Inflict Moderate Wounds causes 2d8 +1/level damage (max +10) on touch.

Lesser Dispel removes all spell effects on one target, one effect on multiple targets, or area of effects.

Lesser Restoration dispels magic-induced ability, AC, att/dmg, saving throw, and SR rolls.

Living Undeath your target gains critical immunity but with -4 charisma for and a 25% movement speed decrease. Duration: 1 turn//level.

Negative Energy Ray damages one target with a ray of negative energy for 1d6+1d6 per/2 levels hp (max 5d6).

Owl's Wisdom grants an additional 1d4+1 WIS for 1 hour/level to the subject.

Ray of Enfeeblement drains a target of 1d6+1 per 2 levels (max +5) STR.

Remove Paralysis frees all allies within the area of effect from all paralysis and hold effects.

Resist Elements absorbs up to 30 points of any elemental damage type.

Silence negates sound around the target preventing verbal spell casting.

Sound Burst deals sonic damage to subjects and may stun them.

Stone Bones hardens the skeleton of one undead creature increasing its armor class.

Summon Creature II brings a dire boar to assist the caster.

Ultravision allows the target to see in complete and magical darkness.

Undetectable Alignment protects against Detect Alignment spells.

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