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Animate Dead summons undead under the control of the caster.

Bestow Curse causes permanent -2 penalties to all the target's ability scores.

Blindness and Deafness strikes one target blind and deaf.

Clarity removes all sleep, confusion, stun, and charm effects and protects against all mind-affecting effects until it expires.

Contagion instantly afflicts the target with a disease.

Continual Flame creates a bright white, semi-permanent light on an equipable item.

Cure Serious Wounds heals the target 3d8 +1/caster level (+15 max) hp.

Curse of Petty Failing your target takes -2 bonus to attack and saving throws for 1 turn/level.

Darkfire gives a melee weapon +1 fire damage per 4 caster levels with militant bonuses.

Dispel Magic removes all spell effects on one target, one effect on multiple targets, or an area of effects.

Inflict Serious Wounds causes 3d8 +1/level damage (max +15) on touch.

Invisibility Purge removes invisibility from all creatures and items.

Legion's Conviction Creatures in burst area gain +2 (additional +1/6 levels) to saves.

Magic Vestment imbues one armor or shield touched with an enhancement bonus of +1/5 caster levels.

Negative Energy Protection helps protect the caster from undead creatures and certain weapons and spells that drain energy levels.

Prayer gives caster and allies +1 to attack, damage, skills, and saves while giving enemies a -1 penalty on the same rolls.

Protection from Elements absorbs up to 40 points of any elemental damage type.

Remove Blindness and Deafness cures all allies within the area of effect of blindness and deafness.

Remove Curse dispels the effects of Bestow Curse.

Remove Disease cures all diseases that the target is suffering from (including those caused by Contagion).

Slashing Darkness does 1d8 negative energy damage per 2 levels (maximum 5d8), but healing undead.

Summon Creature III brings a dire wolf to assist the caster.

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