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Cure Critical Wounds heals the target 4d8 +1/caster level (+20 max) hp.

Death Ward grants immunity to all death spells and effects.

Dismissal forces enemy summoned creatures to return to their native planes.

Divine Power makes the caster healthier, stronger, and more skilled in combat.

Freedom of Movement makes the target immune to paralysis, slow, and entanglement spells and effects.

Greater Magic Weapon allows the caster to add magical enhancement to one melee weapon with bonuses for militant levels.

Hammer of the Gods smites the caster's enemies with divine light.

Inflict Critical Wounds causes 4d8 +1/level damage (max +20) on touch.

Legion's Shield of Faith As Shield of Faith, but all allies within a burst.

Lower Spell Resistance Lowers target SR by 1/caster level (max 15), adds level to DC (fort negates).

Mass Ultravision As Ultravision, but all friendlies in 20-foot burst.

Neutralize Poison removes all traces of poison from the target.

Panacea Remove blind/daze/deaf/disease/fear/paralysis/poison/sleep/stun and heal 1d8 + caster level (max +20)

Poison inflicts the target with large scorpion venom.

Recitation Allies gain +2 attack/save/dodge AC, allies with same deity gain +3 to same.

Restoration dispels magic-induced ability, AC, att/dmg, saving throw, and SR rolls and blindness, deafness, and level drains.

Summon Creature IV brings a dire spider to assist the caster.

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