Magic:Cleric Spells:Level-5

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Battletide Steal energy from your enemies, -2 penalties to saves, attack and damage rolls, and you gain +2 to the same.

Circle of Doom cause 1d8 plus 1 per level (maximum of +20) negative energy damage to an area.

Flame Strike smites the caster's enemies with pillars of divine fire.

Healing Circle heal friendly targets for 1d8 plus 1 per level (maximum of +20) in an area.

Monstrous Regeneration give your target regeneration of 3 hit points per round.

Raise Dead returns one target corpse to life.

Righteous Might Caster gains +4 str/+2 con/+4 nat armor and DR.

Slay Living attempts to kill or grievously wound one target creature.

Soul Scour does 2d6 charisma, 1d6 wisdom damage, + 1d6 charisma damage 1 minute later. Will save to negate.

Spell Resistance grants the target resistance to magic.

Summon Creature V brings a dire bear to assist the caster.

True Seeing allows the caster to see creatures hidden by Sanctuary, Invisibility and Greater Sanctuary.

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