Magic:Cleric Spells:Level-6

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Banishment destroys all hosile summoned creatures, elementals and Outsiders in the area of effect.

Blade Barrier creates a wall of blades causing 1d6 points per caster level to those passing through it.

Control Undead attempts to subjugate an undead creature to your will.

Create Undead allows the caster to create various undea depending upon caster level.

Energy Immunity: Make target immune to one element for 24 hours.

Greater Dispelling removes all spell effects on one target, one effect on multiple targets, or an area of effects.

Greater Sanctuary turns the caster ethereal preventing others from detecting or attacking.

Harm damages a touched target down to 1d4 h.p. but heals the undead.

Heal restores all of the patients hit points or damages an undead target.

Planar Ally calls an outsider to the caster's location and helps the caster.

Summon Creature VI brings a dire tiger to assist the caster.

Undeath to Death destroys undead who fail their will save.

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