Magic:Druid Spells:Level-6

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Crumble inflicts damage upon a Construct.

Drown creates water in the lungs of any living creature, killing it.

Energy Buffer gives the caster resistance against elemental damage (40/-).

Energy Immunity: Make target immune to one element (Only applies to one element. Attempting to cast it twice will remove the previous effect.)

Greater Dispelling removes all spell effects on one target, one effect on multiple targets, or an area of effects.

Greater Stoneskin grants 20/+5 Damage Reduction (150hp max) from melee damage.

Healing Circle - Cures 1d8+1/level (+20 max) in 20-ft radius

Regenerate heals the recipient by 6 hp per round.

Stonehold creates a cloud that petrifies all creatures for 1d6 rounds

Summon Creature VI brings a dire tiger to assist the caster.

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