Magic:Druid Spells:Level-8

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Druid Spells: Orisons | 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th | 8th | 9th

Bombardment rains large rocks from the sky dealing damage to enemies.

Finger of Death kills one subject.

Nature's Balance Reduces enemies spell resistance by 1d4 / 5 levels and heals allies for 3d6 Hit Points +1 / level.

Premonition allows the caster to see a few moments into the future and grants damage protection.

Summon Creature VIII brings a random greater elemental (air, fire, or water) to assist the caster.

Sunbeam Beam blinds and deals 3d6 damage.

Sunburst Blinds all within 10 ft., deals 3d6 damage.

Wall of Greater Dispel Magic: Creates a wall that casts Greater Dispel on anyone who walks through it. Minute/level

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