Magic:Druid Spells:Level-9

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Earthquake creates an intense tremor that injures creatures and items in the area.

Elemental Swarm summons a series of elementals, one at a time.

Mass Drown: As Drown, but multiple targets

Mass Heal restores all allies in the area to full hit points but harms undead.

Nature's Avatar: Target animal gains +10 attack/damage, 1d8 temp hp/caster level and haste

Shapechange allows the caster to take one of five possible destructive forms.

Storm of Vengeance Storm rains acid, lightning, and hail.

Summon Creature IX brings a random elder elemental (air, fire, or water) to assist the caster.

Unyielding Roots gives immunity to knockdown related effects, +15 regeneration, but immobile and reflex penalty. It can not be cast on enemies.

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