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Eventually, all rangers come to follow a deity, though not all of them start out that way. By the time they are able to cast divine spells, however, they have made their decisions and thrown their lot in with one of the Avlissian gods. Not all gods on Avlis can produce rangers. Only the following may do so: O'Ma, Dru'El, Pelar, Dre'Ana, Titania, Dagath, Skern, Berryn, Cha'reth, Aarilax, Verossa, and Yeraiah. Rangers may choose any god that fits their moral alignment. That is, for example, any good ranger may follow Cha'reth, O'Ma, Berryn, or Dru'El. Any neutral ranger may follow Skern, Dagath or Yeraiah, and any evil ranger may follow Verossa or Aarilax.

Rangers gain their spells from the god(s) they follow, much the same way a Cleric or Druid does. It does not come from nebulous force of nature, or the earth itself. It is the power of their god, channeled though them. It isn’t the ranger who picks the target of lightning when he calls it down, but rather his god that directs it.