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Benign Transposition switches locations with a party member.

Burning Bolt creates a bolt of fire that causes 1d4+1 fire damage, additional missiles every 2 levels.

Burning Hands causes 1d4 fire damage per level (max 5d4) in a cone from the caster.

Charm Person improves reputation of the caster with target.

Chill Touch causes 1d6 negative energy and 1 strength damage to a single target.

Color Spray creates a cone of color that can put to sleep, stun, or blind creatures.

Endure Elements absorbs up to 20 points of any elemental damage type.

Expeditious Retreat doubles the caster's speed.

Grease slows and/or knocks down opponents.

Hail of Stone a touch attack that causes 1d4 physical damage per caster level (max 5d4).

Horizikaul's Boom applies deafening sonic damage to the target.

Ice Dagger creates a grenade-like weapon dealing the target 1d4 cold damage per level (max 5d4) & 1 cold damage to anyone within 5'.

Identify improves the Lore ability of the caster for two rounds.

Ironguts grants a +4 Fortification save bonus vs. poison.

Lesser Acid Orb causes 1d8/2 levels acid damage (max 5d8) to single target.

Lesser Cold Orb causes 1d8/2 levels cold damage (max 5d8) to single target.

Lesser Electric Orb causes 1d8/2 levels electric damage (max 5d8) to single target.

Lesser Fire Orb causes 1d8/2 levels fire damage (max 5d8) to single target.

Lesser Sonic Orb causes 1d8/2 levels sonic damage (max 5d8) to single target.

Mage Armor gives the subject a +4 armor bonus.

Magic Missile creates up to 5 missiles causing 1d4+1 hp of force damage that automatically hit multiple targets.

Magic Weapon gives one weapon a +1 enhancement bonus.

Negative Energy Ray damages one target with a ray of negative energy for 1d6 + 1d6 per 2 levels hp (max 5d6).

Nybor's Gentle Reminder stuns a target for one round, and lowers their attack bonus by 2.

Protection from Alignment grants bonuses to saves and AC and immunity from mind-affecting spells from Evil or Good foes.

Ray of Enfeeblement drains a target of 1d6+1 per 2 levels (max +5) STR.

Scare causes the target creature to suffer from fear.

Shelgarn's Persistent Blade creates a dagger of force that attacks the caster's enemies.

Shield gives the caster +4 Deflection bonus to AC, +3 bonus to Reflex saves, and immunity to Magic Missile.

Sleep causes 4 + 1d4 HD of creatures to fall into a deep slumber.

Snilloc's Snowball creates a magic snowball that does 1d6+1/caster level (max 5d6+5) cold damage to a single target.

Summon Creature I brings a dire badger to assist the caster.

True Strike gives the caster a +20 attack bonus for 9 seconds.

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