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Agannazzar's Scorcher targets take 1d8 fire damage/level (max 5d8) in straight chain.

Balagarn’s Iron Horn knocks down all nearby creatures who fail strength checks.

Baleful Transposition swap locations with hostile target.

Blindness and Deafness strikes one target blind and deaf.

Blur makes any attacker miss 20% of the time.

Bull's Strength grants an additional 1d4+1 STR for 1 hour/level to the subject with bonuses for militant levels.

Cat's Grace grants 1d4+1 DEX for 1 hour/level to the subject with bonuses for militant levels.

Cloud of Bewilderment blows forth a cloud of noxious air from the caster that stuns and blinds those caught in it.

Combust causes one creature to burst into flames.

Continual Flame creates a bright white, semi-permanent light on an equipable item.

Create Magic Tattoo create a magical tattoo with various bonuses for 24 hours.

Curse of Impending Blades target takes -2 penalty to AC. Minute/level

Darkness creates a large globe of supernatural darkness.

Death Armor causes a magical aura to surround the caster injuring creatures that touch it.

Eagle's Splendor grants an additional 1d4+1 CHA for 1 hour/level to the subject.

Endurance grants an additional 1d4+1 CON for 1 hour/level to the subject with bonuses for militant levels.

Fireburst emanation burst that does 1d8 fire damage/level (max 5d8)

Flame Weapon allows the caster to add fire damage to one melee weapon with bonuses for militant levels.

Fox's Cunning grants an additional 1d4+1 INT for 1 hour/level to the subject.

Gedlee's Electric Loop creates a small stroke of lightning that cycles through all creatures in the area of effect.

Ghostly Visage surrounds the caster with a ghostly nimbus granting damage reduction, concealment, and immunity to level 1 spells and cantrips.

Ghoul Touch paralyzes a target and causes them to emit a noxious cloud that applies a penalty to rolls to all creatures within 5 feet.

Glitterdust blinds creatures in area of effect, -40 penalty to hide, cancels invisibility.

Invisibility makes the subject invisible for 1 turn/level or until it attacks.

Knock opens conventional locks within a 150 foot radius.

Lesser Dispel removes all spell effects on one target, one effect on multiple targets, or area of effects.

Melf's Acid Arrow fires an arrow at a target that causes continuing acid damage.

Owl's Wisdom grants an additional 1d4+1 WIS for 1 hour/level to the subject.

Resist Elements absorbs up to 30 points of any elemental damage type.

See Invisibility reveals invisible creatures within line of sight.

Shadow Spray targets take 2 STR damage, -2 vs fear and daze for 1 round

Snilloc's Snowball Swarm causes 2d6 cold damage to area of effect, scales up to 5d6 at level 9.

Stone Bones hardens the skeleton of one undead creature increasing its armor class.

Summon Creature II brings a dire boar to assist the caster.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter incapacitates a target for a short time due to uncontrollabele laughter.

Ultravision allows the target to see in complete and magical darkness.

Web entangles creatures in an area with sticky strands.

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