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Clairaudience and Clairvoyance improves the caster's ability to sense hidden creatures.

Clarity removes all sleep, confusion, stun, and charm effects and protects against all mind-affecting effects until it expires.

Dispel Magic removes all spell effects on one target, one effect on multiple targets, or an area of effects.

Displacement causes the target's attackers to suffer a 50% miss chance from concealment.

Find Traps makes all traps within the area known to the caster.

Fireball shoots from the caster's hand as a fiery projectile which explodes in a sphere burning those inside.

Flame Arrow allows the caster to either attack a target with fiery arrows or enchant a group of arrows with fire.

Flashburst creatures in area of effect dazed for 1 round and blinded for 2d8 rounds.

Forceblast 1d4 force damage/level (max 10d4) & knockdown on failed reflex

Greater Magic Weapon allows the caster to add magical enhancement to one melee weapon with bonuses for militant levels.

Gust of Wind creates a blast of air knocking down creatures (Fortitude save negates) and dispersing any area of effect spells.

Haste gives a +4 dodge AC bonus, 1 extra action/round, and increases movement by 50%.

Heroism grants target +2 attack/saves/skills, turn/level, does not stack with Greater Heroism.

Hold Person makes one humanoid helpless for 1 round/level.

Ice Burst causes (1d4+1)/level cold damage to one creature (max 10d4+10).

Improved Mage Armor +2 bonus to Armor, Deflection, Dodge and Natural Armor (double the effect of Mage Armor and not stackable with it).

Invisibility Sphere makes everyone within 10 feet of the recipient invisible.

Keen Edge adds the Keen property to a slashing weapon, increasing its critical threat range, with bonuses for militant levels.

Legion's Curse of Impending Blades is as Curse of Impending Blades, but upon a group.

Lightning Bolt fires a bolt of lightning that passes through all creatures in a straight line from the caster.

Magic Circle Against Alignment grants allies within 10ft +2 AC, +2 all saves, and immunity to mind spells for 1 hour/level vs. the alignment chosen.

Mestil's Acid Breath spews an acidic cone from the caster's mouth dealing 1d6 damage/level (max. 10d6).

Negative Energy Burst damages the living and heals the undead with a blast of negative energy.

Protection from Elements absorbs up to 40 points of any elemental damage type.

Scintillating Sphere unleashes a crackling electric projectile that explodes upon all within the area of effect.

Serpent's Sigh emulates dragon breath, 1d6 damage/level (max 10d6) 1 damage feedback per damage die.

Slow causes creatures to take only partial actions each round and to suffer -2 penalties to many rolls.

Spiderskin makes target’s skin like that of a spider, adding natural armor, save vs poison and hide bonus equivalent to 2 + (caster level/10) to a maximum of +6 at level 40 (Meaning that for +5 bonus one must be a 30th level caster).

Stinking Cloud creates a cloud of noxious vapors that dazes, blinds, and conceals creatures caught inside it.

Summon Creature III brings a dire wolf to assist the caster.

Vampiric Touch drains health from target creature and temporarily gives it to the caster.

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