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Acid Orb causes 1d6 acid damage/level (max 15d6) to single target.

Bestow Curse causes permanent -2 penalties to all the target's ability scores.

Blast of Flame creates a cone that does 1d8 fire damage/level (max 10d8).

Charm Monster improves the personal reputation of the caster by 50% in the eyes of the target creature.

Cold Orb causes 1d6 cold damage/level (max 15d6) to single target.

Confusion causes creatures to behave randomly: wander, do nothing, attack nearest, or act normally.

Contagion instantly afflicts the target with a disease.

Dimension Door transfers caster from current location to any other spot within visual range.

Electric Orb causes 1d6 electrical damage/level (max15d6) to single target.

Elemental Shield surrounds the caster in a ring of fire that burns those who attempt to attack and gives some fire and cold protection.

Enervation temporarily drains the target of one to four levels of ability.

Evard's Black Tentacles creates a field of thick, rubbery tentacles that rise from the ground and try to grab nearby creatures.

Fear consumes creatures with mind-numbing fear that overrides all other actions. The affected creatures run away from all those they do not consider allies.

Fire Orb causes 1d6 fire damage/level (max15d6) to single target.

Ice Storm creates a storm of ice that falls from the sky pounding and freezing creatures in the area.

Ilyykur's Mantle: grants +1/3 levels (max +5) saves bonus vs spells, 10/- electricity DR.

Improved Invisibility makes the subject invisible, and the subject can attack and remain concealed.

Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm creates up to 10 missiles that randomly attack hostiles dealing 1d6 hp of magic damage each.

Lesser Spell Breach strips another caster of protective magics and lowers their spell resistance.

Lower Spell Resistance lowers the target's SR by 1/caster level (max 15), adds level to DC (fort negates).

Mass Ultravision is as Ultravision, but for all friendly creatures in a 20’ burst.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from spells less than 4th level.

Phantasmal Killer conjures an image of utmost horror to scare a single target to death.

Polymorph Self allows the caster to assume one of five different forms.

Remove Blindness and Deafness cures all allies within the area of effect of blindness and deafness.

Remove Curse dispels the effects of Bestow Curse.

Shadow Conjuration creates a shadow variant of one lesser spell.

Sinsabur's Baleful Bolt 1d3 + 1 /4 levels (max 1d3+3) STR and CON damage to targets in chain.

Sonic Orb causes 1d6 sonic damage/level (max15d6) to single target.

Stoneskin grants physical damage reduction of 10/+5 up to 100 points.

Summon Creature IV brings a dire spider to assist the caster.

Viscid Globe targets a creature which is stuck to the ground and unable to act or move.

Wall of Fire deals 4d6 points of fire damage to any creature that attempts to pass through it.

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