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Animate Dead summons undead under the control of the caster.

Ball Lightning creates balls of lightning that strike enemies in the area of effect. Each ball does 1d6 damage and you evoke 1 ball per caster level (max 15 balls).

Beltyns Burning Blood causes 1d8 acid and 1d8 fire damage per round to your target for one round per caster level.

Bigby's Interposing Hand creates a giant magical hand that interferes with the target's ability to attack.

Cone of Cold creates a cone that does 1d6 points of cold damage per caster level (max 15d6).

Dismissal forces enemy summoned creatures to return to their native planes.

Dominate Person allows the caster to control one humanoid.

Energy Buffer gives the caster resistance against elemental damage (40/-).

Firebrand sends a flaming arrow at each enemy within the area of the spell.

Greater Fireburst is as Fireburst, but 1d10/level up to 15d10.

Greater Shadow Conjuration allows a shadow variant of lesser offensive and defensive spells.

Hold Monster makes one creature helpless for 1 round/level.

Lesser Mind Blank renders one target immune to mind-affecting spells and effects and cures the same.

Lesser Planar Binding calls an outsider to assist the caster.

Lesser Spell Mantle creates a barrier which absorbs 1d4+6 levels of spells before collapsing.

Mestil's Acid Sheath creates an acid shield around the caster damaging any creature striking the caster's body.

Snillocs Major Missile is as Magic Missile, but up to 15 missiles.

Summon Creature V brings a dire bear to assist the caster.

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