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Acid Fog creates a large fog that slows and burns those inside with acid.

Acid Storm: creates rain that deals 1d6 acid damage/level (max 15d6).

Bigby's Forceful Hand creates a giant hand that bull rushes one target in an attempt to knock down and stun it.

Chain Lightning sends a single bolt of lightning sequentially through the casters enemies.

Circle of Death sends forth a wave of negative energy in a burst that kills a number of enemy creatures.

Disintegrate deals 2d6 damage/caster level (max 40d6) on a ranged touch attack; Fortitude save for one-third damage.

Ethereal Visage surrounds the caster with a ghostly nimbus granting damage reduction, concealment, and limited immunity to spells.

Flesh to Stone transmutes one creature into stone.

Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from spells of 4th level and lower.

Greater Dispelling removes all spell effects on one target, one effect on multiple targets, or an area of effects.

Greater Heroism: +4 bonus to attack/saves/skills, imm. fear, 1 temp HP/caster level (max 20). Does not stack with Heroism.

Greater Spell Breach strips another caster of protective magics and lowers their spell resistance.

Greater Stoneskin grants 20/+5 Damage Reduction (150hp max) from melee damage.

Isaac's Greater Missile Storm creates up to 20 missiles that randomly attack hostiles dealing 3d6 magic damage each.

Legend Lore gives the caster insight into arcana (10 + 1/2 caster levels bonus to Lore).

Mass Haste grants Haste allies within the area of effect.

Planar Binding calls an outsider to help the caster.

Shades creates a shadow variant of one of four spells.

Stone to Flesh restores life to petrified victims.

Summon Creature VI brings a dire tiger to assist the caster.

Tenser's Transformation changes the caster into a powerful warrior for a short time.

True Seeing allows the caster to see creatures hidden by Sanctuary and Invisibility.

Undeath to Death kills undead up to 1d4 HD per caster level.

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