Magic:Sorcerer Wizard Spells:Level-7

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Banishment destroys all hostile summoned creatures, elementals and Outsiders in the area of effect.

Bigby's Grasping Hand creates a giant magical hand that grabs a target and holds it still.

Control Undead enables the caster to command undead creatures for a short period of time.

Delayed Blast Fireball creates a burst of flame that delivers fire damage to all creatures that enter the area.

Energy Immunity gives the recipient 5% immunity per caster level to one element for 1 turn per level.

Finger of Death kills one subject.

Great Thunderclap creates a loud noise equivalent to a peal of thunder and it's accompanying shock wave, potentially causing several effects to everyone in the area of effect.

Mass Hold Person is as Hold Person, but up to 1 creature/caster level.

Mordenkainen's Sword creates a helmed horror to protect the caster.

Nybor's Stern Reproof forces the caster's target to make a Will save or die. If the target makes their save, then the target gets the effects of Nybor's Gentle Reminder. Stopped by mind immunity, ignores death immunity.

Power Word, Stun stuns one creature if it is sufficiently weak.

Prismatic Spray throws colorful rays at enemies with random effects on those in the cone.

Protection from Spells bestows a +8 bonus on all saving throws against spells to the caster and nearby allies.

Shadow Shield protects the caster from negative energy, necromantic spells, and some physical attacks.

Spell Mantle creates a barrier which absorbs 1d8+8 levels of spells before collapsing.

Summon Creature VII brings a random huge elemental (air, fire, or water) to assist the caster.

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