Magic:Sorcerer Wizard Spells:Level-8

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Bigby's Clenched Fist creates a giant magical hand that attacks a target to stun and injure it.

Blackstaff grants a quarterstaff a +4 enhancement bonus and dispel on hit.

Create Undead allows the caster to create powerful kinds of undead.

Flensing causes the target to take 2d6 physical, 1d6 CON and CHA damage/round for 4 rounds. Fort negates each round.

Greater Planar Binding calls an outsider to assist the caster.

Greater Sanctuary turns the caster ethereal preventing others from detecting or attacking.

Horrid Wilting evaporates moisture from the bodies of all the subject living creatures.

Incendiary Cloud creates a cloud of roiling smoke shot through with white-hot embers.

Mantle of Egregious Might: Provides +4 luck bonus to AC/attack/saves and +2 to abilities for 5 + 1 rounds/level.

Mass Blindness and Deafness strikes blind and deaf all enemies within a 10-ft radius.

Mass Charm charms a number of creatures whose combined HD do not exceed twice the caster's level.

Mind Blank renders all allies within the area of effect immune to mind-affecting spells and effects and cures the same.

Premonition allows the caster to see a few moments into the future and grants damage protection.

Summon Creature VIII brings a random greater elemental (air, fire, or water) to assist the caster.

Sunburst causes a globe of searing heat and radiance to explode silently.

Wall of Greater Dispel Magic creates a wall that casts Greater Dispel on anyone who walks through it.

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