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The Life of Sir Aradan Kir (with a foreword and comments by the esteemed halfling adventurer, Merago Jert)

Portrait of Aradan Kir by Ayren Tochi'larian


Aradan Who? Oh, ~SIR~ Aradan Kir? I made him you know? He wouldn't be half the big shot paladin he is now if I hadn't been around. But seriously, I've known Aradan for many years now. He is a steadfast, resolute and unbendingly loyal follower of Gorethar who would willingly, and without hesitation, lay down his life if he thought it would spare another. He is a champion of good and a bane to evil. He is a leader in battle who learned the ropes from Kharak himself. He is also, on top of all this, a very dear friend (if a little stuffy and uptight...).

The Story so far

Aradan was born, the son of Ohtar Kir, a royal guard and Rowenna Kir, a priestess of Gorethar, in Duskwood, a large isle many miles to the south of M'Chek. It was his parent's intention that he become a priest of Gorethar to assist his mother in the temple, but it quickly became apparent that Aradan was too impatient and headstrong to follow the priestly path, and so his father arranged for him to be tutored in swordplay and combat. His father also arranged for Aradan to take on a job as a stable-hand at the palace and it was whilst working there that he met his first love. The daughter of a nobleman, their love was forbidden, and being young, impetuous and in love, they fled far, where they lived a life of secrecy and solitude. It was here that their daughter, Katharine was born.

History here is somewhat sketchy, but it is known that Aradan was forced to leave his homeland, and his young daughter behind. What became of his love it is unclear, although what is clear is that Aradan was determined to one day return and find his daughter.

Aradan left on a boat, bound for Mikona. This boat never arrived however, as a fierce storm pushed it off course and it was wrecked upon a dangerous coastline. Thankfully some of the crew survived and managed to swim to the nearby land, dragging Aradan with them. It was there that he was found, bedraggled and left for dead on the shore. The man who found him was an old grizzled warrior, who took him in and over what seems to be some years, taught him the ways of Gorethar. During these years, Aradan felt the light of Gorethar burning more and more strongly within him, filling him with an inner peace and blocking out the feelings of anger and hatred at those that took his daughter and love from him. After his teachings were complete, Aradan's tutor packed up his meagre belongings and sent him to the City of Mikona, to assist the people of a city where he himself had once lived. Stepping off the boat into the bustling City of Mikona, Aradan had only to look around the docks and the slums to know that there was a task here that he could assist with. Some kindly adventurers helped him finance a suit of armour and a sword and he was on his way.

During his first few years in Mikona, he met and befriended several figures who were to play an important part in Aradan's life. Firstly, the (magnificent, handsome, brave, witty and brilliant...) halfling adventurer Merago, with whom he has had a lasting friendship. Secondly, the artist Janur, more of whom will be revealed later in this story. And lastly, the renowned and respected Paladin, Sir Kaelyn MacCaddor. It was Kaelyn who first introduced Aradan to the Order of Gorethar ... the Order dedicated to the fight against the darkness and injustices so prevalent in this world. Aradan quickly knew in his heart that being a member of this Order was something that was going to be a big part of his life from that moment on. After spending several months in intensive training with the Order's Battlemaster, Kharak Hammerstar himself, Aradan became an Initiate in Gorethar's Order. Some time after, Aradan's skill in battle, coupled with his strong faith in Gorethar's tenants, led him to be promoted to a fully Ordained member of the Order (and he became ~SIR~ Aradan Kir, best not forget that...).

During his time adventuring, Aradan met Midnight. Beautiful, dark haired and every bit as headstrong as Aradan himself, the two were drawn to each other, despite both belonging to opposing factions. The chemistry between the two was electric for some time, but, eventually, they discovered that neither was willing to give up their beliefs in order to be with the other (they were both stubborn as mules...). And so, they parted ways. Since then, Kelvos has been kind to Aradan, as he has met and fallen in love with Shi'Erl, who he will soon be marrying.

Nowadays, although still a member of the Order of Gorethar, Aradan has retired from active duty. He now spends his time advising the Order on various matters, along with enjoying life at a slightly slower pace, venturing into the odd crypt with his long-time friend Merago and (more frequently, when Merago gets his way) sampling the various ales that the hostelries of Mikona have to offer. When he can he returns to his farm in northern Ferrell, to spend time with his wife-to-