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Gill Darkstar

Full Name: Gill Seline Darkstar
Age: 23 years
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Religion: Ra-Ghul
Birthplace: M'Chek
Current Residence: Mikona

Gill Darkstar was born in a small village in M'Chek. Her village lay in the middle of a dangerous area where a lot of bandits lived. Because of the constant threat the villagers lived with there was one golden rule in the village. Every family needed to have one child that was trained in the arts of fighting. In times of need and attacks on the village there would be enough fighters around to protect the people there. Normally the oldest boy would go to this school for fighters. In Gills case, she was only child. Her parents sent her off to that school as one of the rare girls there. In the beginning she needed to show that she was no less then any of the boys there, and after a while she became one of the best students there.

One day, Gill was 18 years at that moment and just graduated, her father asked her to go to the forest and chop some wood for him. Gill, happy that she could help her father out, went for the first time alone deep into the forest. She couldn’t help it but she needed to look around and enjoy the things she saw. When she finished with her work it was getting late. She hurried to get home to be there before it got dark.

When she looked up from the trees she could see dark clouds coming from the place her village was. She dropped the wood she was carrying and ran as fast as she could to the village….. but she was too late…

When she entered her village houses were burning, bodies of several people were laying on the ground, the smell of burned flesh and blood hang in the air. With tears in her eyes she walked to the home, her eyes couldn’t believe what she was seeing. When she turned around the corner a little girl was laying on the ground. Gill couldn’t do anything else then look at the little girl. She was dead, holding a burning teddy bear in her hands, her face in an expression if something horrible killed her that she was scared beyond death.

Gill can’t remember how long it took her, but when everything was burned out she start digging, and digging and digging… Every time she made the hole deeper she cursed the gods. With every body she dragged into that one grave she cursed herself for not being there. When she finished burrowing the bodies into one grave she swore on the gods cursing them still that she would never find rest till she found the one that was responsible for this.

It took her some time to get to Elysia.

After travelling there in the sewers and training her sword arts she met an elf called Bayne. She felt in love with him, and hoped that the gods didn’t turned their backs on her for once in her live. She was wrong. Bayne disappeared and was never seen again. She was waiting for him and waiting…

One day, when she was totally hopeless, still full of guilt of blaming herself for the death of her village and parents she searched her friend Tor Varson. He saved her from destroying herself and offered his help to her to find the one that were responsible for the death of her village. Slowly a relationship grow between them. Sadly enough Gills bad luck didn’t ended yet. She heard a rumour about Tor having more relationships. And they seem to be true.

It took her some time, trying to convince him that he should only have one girl at one time. It didn’t worked, and at the moment she found out that he got married to a paladin she broke up.

Still full of guilt and cursed by the gods (according to her) she travelled in the spidercaves with a group. One of them was Whisper. The years that she build up her anger and fury got a burst out deep in the cave. She could feel the blood boiling in her body and everything before her eyes turned red. The thing she can remember afterwards was that she was standing between corpses of spiders and spidergoo all over her sword.

It was that day that her life changed.

In the year that followed she started to believe in the gods again. They didn’t curse her at all. One of them even seemed to bless Gill. The name of that god was Ra-ghul.

Slowly her respect and trust came back in the gods and she started to follow the ways of Ra-ghul. Focussing on the fury inside of her that was growing and growing. Not only for battle but also for Whisper.

But the guilt stayed. She couldn’t stop thinking about the day she saw her parents. She should have been there, they should have been protected by her. Her friends trying to convince her that she never could have prevented this. And that, thanks to the gods, she was still living.

While adventuring with a big group through the limbo there was a task to fight, against themselves. Gill saw the other succeeding and she start feeling more nervous the closer her fight came. What if she didn’t had the courage to defeat herself. What if she was not strong enough?

Then it was her turn, a bit shaky she took her sword and shield. She walked to herself and the other Gill grinsed. It was your fault the people got killed.. You know that don’t you? You should have been there.. The real Gill shaked her head, tears coming in her eyes. I couldn’t help it! They would have killed me. The other Gill grinned evil again.. It was your fault! You! You should have protect them! You are weak and you will always be like that.. Then something snapped with Gill and she attacked the other Gill..

After a long fight the real Gill was standing there, the other Gill on the ground. Slowly she could see the fake Gill vanished. Gill took a deep breath and felt how all her guilt and worries fall of her shoulder. When she opened her eyes, a new flame of fury but also of mental peace could be seen in her eyes.