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  • ...mostly a military location. Also significant to the economy is the farming community of Summerleaf in the canopies near the lift at Kharak Thayt, and the light ...ave goods from elsewhere. Fallkirk Enterprises, Inc. maintains a transport portal here, making [[Visimontium]] only a step (and a few hundred gold pieces) aw
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  • ...or their little family and further established themselves within the small community. It was clear that Sagan was the product of their shared blood when he was ...eed introduced to wizardry and the power of enchantment that day. The hold portal spell that had locked the windows and doorways of the room had eventually w
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  • ...relate to the guards they they were passing through the area to use their portal to the elemental plane of water in order to chase down the evil orc wizard In reply, the elders decreed that the heroes would be allowed to use the portal to the elemental plane of water if they completed a small task for the city
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  • :* We could move the top ad banner to the Community portal and donation pages as wiki objects then protect the pages from being change ...ust make the "The World Wiki" lable (on the home page a link to the avlis player wiki main page
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  • ...what you choose to use it for. Whether to maintain a public transportation portal, defend a city or burn an orphanage down to the ground. if you present yourself as "student to Miriel Xilo of the Blue" in the community of Andrinor's Trust, rather than state our relation first.
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  • ...[[PCs:Robert Wallace|Robert Wallace]] of the Ashen Order. The two opened a portal and lured Kazan out the Demiplane he was hiding in. While attacks from gobl ===Construction of Falkirk's Portal Tower===
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  • their unfortunate bearers. As members of the rapidly coalescing spirit community, these wounded were cared for and protected on the journey to the new land. ...all the other elements of creation. Her quest led her far away through a portal located in the depths of [[Lake Minokuchi]], where she sought a rare form o
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