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Alignment: CG

Worshippers' Alignment: CG, NG

Domain: Elves, Nature

Colors: Green and Brown

Holy Warrior: Avenger

Clerical Domains: Animal, Good, Plant, Protection, Sun

More information on Dru'El

"When the heart is known, the path is clear."

True goodness is often clouded by illusions of law, justice, and procedure. While these things do have their merits, the followers of Dru'El believe that they should be used in moderation. Laws and rules are very useful for giving people a guideline and basis for acting in society, however they should be used with discretion and not followed blindly. The spirit of the society is what is most important.

Goodness does not necessarily mean zealousness or apathy, or order. The god of the elves believes that rules can sometimes get in the way of what's really good. Breaking a rule for this reason is not such a bad thing. The world should look out for the little guy and not let legality interfere.

Knowing what is in one's heart is the key. When a person is inherently good, their inner intention is focused on helping others in society. Once someone succeeds in making contact with that inner voice or inner intelligence, they will know which way to act, and almost invariably they will be led towards bettering those outside of themselves.