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[[Abbreviations]] - Used throughout this wiki and in the Avlis forums.
[[Abbreviations]] - Used throughout this wiki and in the Avlis forums.
== List of Dungeons==
[http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=rILSaaeUDaW7S_Ku7HQKkjg&single=true&gid=0&output=html Dungeon List]
== Neverwinter Nights Online Detailed Player Information ==
== Neverwinter Nights Online Detailed Player Information ==

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A world of steel and magery where no one race or philosophy predominates,
and heroes from all perspectives battle to further their cause and make a name for themselves.

Avlis is implemented as a persistent world for the Neverwinter Nights (NWN) role-playing game.

Getting Started in Avlis

1. Make sure your NWN game is Avlis compatible.

As of this writing Avlis uses not only the original NWN game but also the Shadows of Undrentide (SoU) expansion pack and the Hordes of the Underdark (HotU) expansion pack as well. All three of these pieces of software will be necessary to play on Avlis.

Avlis is currently running on the 1.69 version of Neverwinter Nights so you might need to download the patch first.

Check whether your computer configuration is compatible with the system requirements for NWN, as well.

2. Fill out the Player Application

Fill the application form here. After it has been processed (which can take roughly 24h), you will get send an email with the login data for all the Avlis servers.

3. Download the necessary hakpaks.

Avlis uses custom content such as original items and creatures as well as special files that allow one to explore tree cities, drylands, and hillocks. None of this content is in NWN – the game must be supplemented with special files called .hak files that are placed in the directory NeverwinterNights/NWN/haks. The easiest way to jump into Avlis is to go to check the Needed Files page of the Wiki.

4. Register as a member of the forums.

The Avlis forums at www.avlis.org offer a wealth of information as well as the chance to meet and game with other players. You can gain a lot of useful information in the forums that will further enhance your Avlis experience.

5. Acquaint yourself with the rules.

Before creating your character, read the Rules Summary. A detailed breakdown of the rules pertaining to Avlis can be found in the Rules article. Another document which will assist you as a new player on Avlis is the Avlis Player Guide.

The Rules are mandatory, while the Avlis Player Guide is essentially an introduction to the specifics of the world of Avlis.

6. Connect to Avlis.

To connect to Avlis, start NWN and press Play, followed by Multiplayer and then Join Internet Game. After that type in Direct Connect and enter the following address, depending on which server you wish to join. As of this writing there are nine servers:

You may be asked for a password. You should have received the passwords to all of the servers in your application acceptance e-mail. Be advised that the passwords are case-sensitive (type in the password just as it is written, capital letters and all).

It is highly recommended that you start on Mikona or Elysia. After you have gained some experience and learned a bit about the world of Avlis then trips to the other servers will be more survivable. Also, Mikona and the other servers need additional hakpaks to be played, all of which can be found as self-installed executable files on the Avlis webpage listed above.

If you have trouble connecting directly by typing in one of the above addresses, then replace world.avlis.org with the numerical IP address:

7. Make a character.

You can make as many characters as you want on Avlis. You might play the same character all the time, you might begin with one character, decide to retire him and start another, or you may rotate between a multitude of characters as suits your fancy. Before making a character it is recommended that you read Gruush's guide to roleplaying in multiplayer NWN as well as "Character Creation" section of the Avlis Player Guide.

8. Log on and play!

9. Have your questions answered.

You may come up with some questions when trying to log in to Avlis, or when something happens in Avlis that you do not understand. Worry not! The answers may be found in Avlis Player Wiki FAQ, Avlis FAQ or (FAQ thread)

One question will be answered here: "Why hasn't my application been processed yet? It's been over two days." On average applications are processed within 24-48 hours. However, we get many applications, and there are times when it may be a week before one's application is accepted. The Avlis team is made of volunteers who give their time to make Avlis as good as it can be. But even they have real lives – when real life interferes, applications may take longer than usual to go through. Also, often many e-mail programs' spam filters will block the acceptance message, so that may explain why you have not received a reply after 48 hours.

Need to Know

This all is useful information, but not essential. Be advised, we will expect you to know the rules that pertain to your character!

Rules - Rules of Conduct. All Avlis players are expected to know these rules.

Avlis Player Guide - A good place to start for learning more about Avlis.

Custom Avlis sytems and tools - There are numerous Avlis-specific customizations constantly being added, which enrich the existing systems and tools avaliable in the original NWN game.

Avlis FAQ (FAQ thread) - Frequently Asked Questions about the World of Avlis.

Getting Started on the Avlis Wiki - Create a wiki account and home page.

How to search the Avlis Forum - How to find the answers you are looking for.

GMT Converter - Tool to help you be on time.

Abbreviations - Used throughout this wiki and in the Avlis forums.

List of Dungeons

Dungeon List

Neverwinter Nights Online Detailed Player Information

Neverwinter Nights @ gamebanshee - Use this instead of the NWN users manual. Much easier.

Neverwinter Nights FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Bioware's Neverwinter Nights.

Bioware's Player's Guide to Persistent Worlds - What is a Persistent World?

Lord Xyphus' Neverwinter Grimoire - It includes information from the manuals, plus corrections and more from the 2da's.

Gruush's guide to roleplaying in multiplayer NWN - An introduction to roleplaying in NWN multiplayer environment.

Interviews Comments and Accolades about the World of Avlis

Wiki Map