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Depending on point of view, the Web of Angadar is a vital counterbalance to Andrinor’s Trust or an irrelevant nuisance to push into the dustbins of history. Naturally, those who belong to this organization see it as the former. Through arduous study and dangerous missions orchestrated by the god Angadar, the Vortex of Mortal Magic was supposed to wind up under his control. With this newfound power, Angadar intended to control all arcane matters to benefit himself, but also secondarily to expand the craft and encourage the methodical pursuit of knowledge by his subjects. Through deceit and dishonor, the god Andrinor usurped the title instead, and Angadar continually devises methods to right that wrong. The Web of Angadar is the incarnation of this grudge, pursuing the tenets of its deity but also scheming for the day when their patriarch will control the Vortex of Mortal Magic and rule over all mages.

As a counterbalance to Andrinor’s Trust, the Web of Angadar is both an attractor and repellent for mages. Its projects for seeking, researching, and storing arcane knowledge rival those of the Great Library of Mikona, but its anti-Andrinor stance can incriminate any member of The Trust that becomes too closely associated with the Angadarians.

Additionally, when the creation of The Trust robbed the hopes of Angadar and his followers for controlling magic, the psionic prowess of the deity and his followers came more to the forefront. Much research on accessing magical energies through psionics came from this dynamic as a means of trying to access the Vortex of Mortal Magic without the knowledge or control of Andrinor. Success in this regard has been partial, and accessing magic through psionic intervention seems to still require some acquiescence from Andrinor, but the goal of using “psi-magic” to gain independence persists.

The Web of Angadar

Alignment: Angadar is lawful evil, but any non-chaotic may join. Neutrals will have a more difficult time joining, especially Neutral Good and True Neutral.

Base of operations: Our temple in the Elysian Nobles' District, and most of the members are based in either Elysia or T'Nanshi.

How to contact us: Leave a note at the Temple of Angadar in Elysia, Nobles' District. Should be addressed to Fraudoc Loclac (PM Yorlik).

What we do: Angadar is certainly one of the more interesting intermediate deities in regard to the diversity his mantles--Arcane Knowledge, Trickery, and Deceit.

Arcane Knowledge: This branch of the Web specializes in arcane research. This should not be confused with mortal magic; Angadarians working under this mantle are interested in such things as portals, artifacts and relics, constructs, the creation of magical devices, the creation of enchanted items, etc. Mortal magic, i.e., the casting of spells, is Andrinor's field.

Trickery and Deceit: Angadar believes that above all else, knowledge is power. Knowledge comes in many forms, and in some cases needs to be obtained through subtle means. Angadarians working under these mantles gather information, forge and break alliances, and work quietly to further Angadar's goals and influence. All classes are welcome to join, though stealth skills are helpful.

What to expect: This is a tightly-knit group, and the nature of its operations requires absolute trust in one another. As a result, potential recruits are rigorously analyzed for three main traits: ingenuity, commitment, and discretion. This holds true regardless of which mantle you hope to work within. Those who wish to join will usually be asked to conduct research under someone's leadership, whether of an arcane sort or another, less obvious, variety. We work together on multiple projects, and focus on applying our influence to maximize its impact and make things happen.

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