Mikona's Finest Playhouse

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The finest bar and performing house in Mikona. Located in the One Percenter's Tower in the City Gates District of Mikona.

The Canvas being long closed and the end of the war having an effect on the state of the arts and performers, Miss Raen was approached by the youngest of the One Percenter's, Samuel Valorian, whose idea was to have a small playhouse in the first floor where the potions shop once was open. Miss Raen being keen on the idea agreed to run the facility for the Percenter's. She asked if the renovation could be cozy. The project took flight.

After all the renovation was complete a trio of swarthy gentlemen came to help Miss Raen celebrate the first night the doors opened.


The Grand Opening Night was a special event with the venerated Hargas Steelhead peforming to a packed house. Single performers, groups and plays often grace the stage. Planned and impromptu gatherings of friends chatting, singing and storytelling often occur.

The barkeep, Grumm, keeps a fine stock of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in stock to suit most any taste.

If you are in Mikona, do drop by, have a drink by the fireside. If you are lucky, someone will be on stage to entertain!