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Mikona recent events are summarized here. These are overviews of in-game events on the Mikona server, including the whole nation of M'Chek, with links to related forum discussions. Earlier in-game events are documented on the historic events page.

In editing this, please try to keep it in rough chronological order, and to keep it factual. And remember, just as on the boards, all information here can be taken as known in character, so don't post anything that you don't want known as common knowledge.

These are organized by timeline below. The dates used are those shown in-game on the servers; note that these vary from the Avlis Date Calculator on the website, which was only accurate through early 2004. You can also view them organized by plotline.

2169 A.O.D.

Assault on Trouteville Lake

  • May 2169 (16 Sep 2006) A major Sereg'wethrin assault takes place at the village of Trouteville Lake. The attack is repelled by M'Chekian armed forces.

Oath of Office - Khan

  • Feb 2169 (10 Sep) Oath of Office Ceremony held for Magnus Khan, a new Common Houseperson.


  • Winter 2168-2169 M'Chek receives snow for much of the winter, an incredibly rare event. Some of the older citizens are fearful, remembering the unnatural snow of fifty years ago.

2168 A.O.D.

Ferocious Kittens

  • Dec 2168 (6 Sep) Cute black kittens terrorize those who try to pet them, changing into monstrous great cats.

Oath of Office - Windspar


Political Intrigue

  • Jul 2168 (28 Aug) The latest political gossip is published in the Mikona Herald.

Assault by Sea

  • Jun 2168 (26 Aug) The Docks District is flooded. Tales emerge of sea monsters attacking during the flood.

2167 A.O.D.

An Army Auction


2166 A.O.D.

Lich Spotted

  • Oct 2166 (20 Jul 2006) Second sighting of a lich in the western crypt.

Scalpers Caught


2165 A.O.D.

M'Chek Scalpings

  • Nov 2165 (29 Jun 2006) Rumors of random attacks and scalpings in M'Chek begin.

Lifestone Restored

  • Sep 2165 (27 Jun) The Mikona Lifestone is restored, primarily through the efforts of the ANRA, after being damaged by many years of poor agricultural practices and being undermined by negative and planar energies caused by the Fire Giants who once lived in the Hills of Tumult.

2164 A.O.D.

Election Winners


2163 A.O.D.

Exploding Temple

  • Jul 2163 (8 May 2006) An explosion in the Temple of Aarilax claims the lives of prominent M'Chekians Dala Wennen and Llyshra Dald.

2162 A.O.D.

Dwarven Quarters Opened to Public

  • Sep 2162 (18 Apr 2006) After centuries of desertion and recent years of closure, the Dwarven Quarters are opened to the Mikonan public.

Elections Announced

  • Jun 2162 (13 Apr) The Common House announces the passing of Houseman Arthur Jenkins Esq., and a special election to fill the two vacant seats. Candidates announced over the weeks that follow include:
Northwest Commons
Lower East Residences
Marie the Confounder announces her UnCommon Houseperson candidacy, but nobody's sure if she's serious. Blake Benneset, Kela Pureflank and Rolan Fyne withdraw their candidacies before election day.
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Ritual Murder in the Temple District

  • Jan 2162 (3 Apr) A human female corpse is pinned to an uprooted tree, placed in the Mikona Temple district. The grotesque sculpture is signed in blood by the Black Cult of Xenon, a sect of lycanthropes.

2161 A.O.D.

Ritual Murders in the Rural M'Chek

  • Dec 2161 (2 Apr 2006) Attacks by black-furred lycanthropes take place in rural M'Chek. Victims are ritually mutilated.

Ashen Mages Enlist

  • Oct 2161 (29 Mar) The Ashen Order of the Stars pledges to support the M'Chekian Army in securing farmlands in the Underdark of M'Chek.

Blackhawk Victory

  • Sep 2161 (28 Mar) Blackhawk Company makes its first public announcement of victory on one of its campaigns.

New High Priest of Gorethar

  • Aug 2161 (26 Mar) Orin Thunderfeet is named new high priest of Mikona in the Church of Gorethar.

Equalizers to Moblize


Red Shadows Acquitted

  • Mar 2161 (17 Mar) The Red Shadows publish an open letter to the residents of Mikona. A few weeks later, the M'Chekian Guards withdraw the charges against the Red Shadows.
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Grand Army Celebration

  • Jan 2161 (11 Mar) A Grand Army Celebration is held in Mikona, coinciding with an increased militarization of the nation.

2160 A.O.D.

New War Commissioner


Red Shadows Acused

  • May 2160 (26 Feb) The Red Shadows are found to be using captured M'Chekian soldiers to create their warriors, almost certainly through the same torturous process that the Sereg use to create Nwal'maer. The M'Chekian guards declare them enemies of M'Chek.

Return of the Spite

  • Jan 2160 (19 Feb) A pair of Sereg'wethrin appear at the Mikona gates, claiming to offer peace. Within a few days, the M'Chekian Guards report that the Spite has resurfaced in M'Chek, and seemingly random isolated attacks resume. This marks the reappearance of Spite not only in M'Chek, but in other nations of southern Negaria.
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2159 A.O.D.

New Executioner

  • Jul 2159 (6 Feb 2006) Llyshra Dald is appointed executioner of Mikona.

Ed Banished and Excommunicated

  • Feb 2159 (29 Jan) The half-orc Ed is charged with the murders of many M'Chekian Guards, Mikona City Guards, Equalizers and Dominators. He is shortly thereafter excommunicated by the Church of Mikon, and banished from M'Chek.
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2158 A.O.D.

M'Chek Army Resumes Recruitment

  • May 2158 (12 Jan) The M'Chekian army begins recruitment again. M'Chek begins a project of farming portions of the underdark. The army announces it will be recruiting for the first time since the war's end in order to aid this project.