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To play on Avlis you will need some hak and tlk files. Most files are compressed in RAR or ZIP or 7-Zip files and you will need to unzip/unrar them before use. Hak files go in the Hak directory and Tlk files into the Tlk directory (which you may need to create) in your Neverwinter Nights folder.

IMPORTANT: In the absence of the Master Server, Avlis uses its own authentication server - the Alpha Server. After acquiring the needed files, you will need to authenticate with the Alpha Server before you can log on to Avlis. Please visit this forum thread for more information:

NWN 1.69 Critical Rebuild

Download the latest version update for NWN from the link below.

Required for ALL Servers

CoPaP & Avlis Required Files



Alternative Download Locations For All Files:

Other Files

None of this is required, but is nice!

Custom Avlis Music

Custom Portraits

Custom Heads

WARNING: This override is only to be used during character creation. You should remove the files from your override folder after creating a character. Avlis staff are not responsible for maintaining these files, or fixing any problems you may have because of them. Any updates by Avlis to files overridden by these files will be ignored if you forget to remove the override, which will cause you to see things in game that others don't see (different or missing heads).

A player-made override, spanning all the head models currently used on Avlis (subject to improvement):

Avlis Player Housing Files

See also: Avlis Player Housing

Avlis Side-Kick

This handy little utility helps you connect to the different servers. It stores all the connection information for them and you just select which one you want and "launch" it. It also bypasses all the splash screens that you see when you launch Neverwinter the normal way. You can add the new servers by right-clicking in the servers list and choosing Add Server. They can also be edited by right-clicking on the server and choosing Properties. It also has a somewhat handy time calculator that compares your computer's timezone setting to GMT.

  • Warning: The Visimontium port is wrong in the initial install.
  • Note: This needs the .NET Framework to function.

.bat File Direct Connect Option

Another option is making .bat files. To make the .bat file:

Open notepad, or another text editor

add the line:
nwmain.exe +connect

Note that I didn't include +password xxxxxxxx in this, as we're not using passwords to connect right now. Save it as Mikona.bat in your nwn directory.

Repeat the process changing 5121 to a different port and saving the files as follows (depending on the port):

The Underdark:

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