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Isadora Arnemeigne

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Origin: Calazeria

Religious Affiliation: Maleki

Known Living Relatives: 15 siblings

Common knowledge:

  • Smoker, curser, drinker. Hates whores and pirates with uninhibited passion.

Common places of dwelling:

Current (Known) Avlisian Affiliations:

  • Some people from The Rock
  • Kurn

More on Isadora


Hair: Isadora has wavy and dirty blonde tresses, kept up in a high tight bun, with a few lazy strands coming loose

Skin: Her skin is slightly tanned, with some small moles on her neck and chest.

Physique: Standing a little over Six feet tall, she is well-muscled yet still manages to move with some fluidity. Even when she is drunk!

Face: She usually has a relaxed and clever expression, but is very easily riled up. Her forehead is sweeping, her eyebrows are thick and arched in a peculiar fashion. She has a heart-shaped face with a well defined jaw line, a button nose that is upturned, and pulls her puffy lips up with it, so that her top front teeth are almost always exposed.

Eyes: Dull grey, with an excess of lashes, and scarcity of empathy or regret.

Clothing: She seems to only have one outfit, a figure-flattering ensemble of a pretty tunic and sleeves, black tights and soft leather boots.