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Isadora Arnemeigne

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Origin: Calazeria

Religious Affiliation: Maleki

Known Living Relatives: 15 siblings

Common knowledge:

  • Smoker, curser, drinker. Hates whores and pirates with uninhibited passion. Gives the appearance of hating Kurn almost as much.

In lieu of the recent absence of Kurn she has taken her vicious energy out on a halfling named Freddy, aka "Bastard" or "Little Shit" as Isadora herself has lovingly dubbed him.

Common places of dwelling:

Current (Known) Avlisian Affiliations:

  • Some people from The Rock
  • Kurn
  • Freddy of the Arlan Clan

More on Isadora


Hair: Isadora has wavy and dirty blonde tresses, kept up in a high tight bun, with a few lazy strands coming loose

Skin: Her skin is slightly tanned, with some small moles on her neck and chest.

Physique: Standing a little over Six feet tall, she is well-muscled yet still manages to move with some fluidity. Even when she is drunk!

Face: She usually has a relaxed and clever expression, but is very easily riled up. Her forehead is sweeping, her eyebrows are thick and arched in a peculiar fashion. She has a heart-shaped face with a well defined jaw line, a button nose that is upturned, and pulls her puffy lips up with it, so that her top front teeth are almost always exposed.

Eyes: Dull grey, with an excess of lashes, and scarcity of empathy or regret.

Clothing: She seems to only have one outfit, a figure-flattering ensemble of a pretty tunic and sleeves, black tights and soft leather boots.