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Out Of Character (OOC) Information

"Out of character" information is usually described as things that you the player know but that your character does not. Attribute values, attack and damage bonuses and other such statistics are all OOC information.

Here OOC information is used to describe the things you as a player may need to know to have a great time in Avlis, from how to start playing to how to make your character to what not to do.

Players who join Avlis come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are familiar with D&D and PnP roleplaying but are not well-versed in the intricacies of NWN, while some know NWN very well but have little knowledge of D&D or roleplay. This guide has been written with both types of people in mind, so there may be parts that seem extremely simple to the reader. It is recommended that you read at least "Getting Started"; if the other sections do not seem to interest you, then you should jump ahead to the IC section and at least skim it before starting a character on Avlis.

General Guides

This chapter is exactly as the title states, a collection of very general guidelines to help you get along in Avlis. It is by no means exhaustive. The main reason for this is that an excellent roleplaying guide for multiplayer NWN has already been published, by Gruush. This roleplaying guide can be found in the same place where you downloaded this guide. As a supplement to Gruush's guide, this section provides additional guidelines on classes in Avlis, advice on what alignment is and how to properly play it, and tips and advice from players and staff.

Getting Started

Character Creation


Tips and Advice

Major Meeting Points -- By server, where you are most likely to find other players.

Languages -- Languages Native to Avlis.

Things Not to Do

Avlis attempts to accommodate all types of players and playing styles. But as a heavy RP game world there are certain things that cannot be abided. Therefore the team has laid down a few rules. The objective of these rules, which are enforced regularly by the team, is to create and preserve the type of RP environment that we feel encourages true cooperative roleplay.


Powergaming, Metagaming, Griefing and Exploiting

Special Features of Avlis

Online Avlis is an ongoing development project. As such, new features – features that are not available in single-player NWN – are constantly being added and optimized. This section will explain six of those special features: crafting, the economy, player-run guilds, Avlissian prestige classes, custom races, and the death system.

Artificing - Creating magic items on Avlis.

Companion Training System - Training new companions for druids and rangers.

Crafting - Creating armor, clothing, gems, healing kits, jewelry, potions, weapons, and more. Gathering resources, mining and wood cutting.

Custom Races - New custom Avlis races and how to create a character with one.

Death and Dying - Avlis' death system.

Economy and Persistence - The Avlis economy. Persistent chests, corpses, and merchants.

Guilds - The rules for creating a guild in Avlis.

Magic System Information on how magic works on Avlis.

Prestige Classes - New custom Avlis prestige classes.

Psionics - A new class and powers for psionics on Avlis.

Note System - A system for writing notes and sending letters in Avlis.

Shifter Form Replacements - Replacements for shifter and other shapechanging spell forms.

Avlis Community

Giving Back

In Character (IC) Information

"In character" information is information that your character knows within the game world. Here is it used to describe the background information on Avlis that this part of the guide explains. By reading this section you will learn some of the history of Avlis, as well as information about the races who populate it, the nations they have formed, and the gods and goddesses who watch over them.

The History of Avlis


The Age of the Gods

Time of the Dawning

The Fairy War

The Great War

The Age of Immortals

Recent History

Mikona: Recent Events

Elysia: Recent Events

The Races of Avlis

Human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, half-elf, half-orc: these are typical player character races in D&D and are the races NWN allows you to play. All of these races exist on Avlis, in addition to many, many more, some of which you can select as the race of your character.

While some of the races are identical to the descriptions laid out in D&D game literature, most are slightly different. They are... well, they are Avlissian. And there are some races that do not exist in D&D at all. All of these races have unique developments in accordance with the history and culture of Avlis.

The Nine Major Races

Other Races of Note

Avlis Geography

The map below shows the main continent of the world of Avlis. It is divided into a variety of nations and regions. The game servers on Avlis have begun in the south, extending further and further north additional servers are added. As of this writing the nations of M'Chek, T'Nanshi, Ferrell and Deglos are on servers, as are the cities of Mikona (capital of M'Chek), Elysia (an independent city in T'Nanshi), and Le'Or (capital of T'Nanshi). This chapter will give descriptions of the nations and regions, starting with Mikona and working north up to Tyedu.

Political Map of Avlis



Toran Shaarda



The Seven Cities



Galdos and Deglos

The Wastelands

The Kurathene Empire



The Underdark

Deities and Religion

Overview of Religion

The Nine Major Gods

Other Greater Gods

Intermediate Gods

Lesser Gods


Holy Warriors

Other Information