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Avlis tries to have as few rules as possible. However, there are standards that we enforce to ensure that our vision of a roleplay server is met and to make sure that everybody has fun. There are, in fact, three different kinds of rules/guidelines you'll come across on Avlis, two of which are detailed on this page. For an overview of the distinction, Click Here.

  1. General Rules
    1. Summary
    2. Servervault Purges
    3. Powergaming
    4. The Avlis Procedure for Punishment
      1. Warnings
      2. Punishment
      3. Banishment
      4. Review
    5. Interacting with DMs
    6. Contacting the Team
  2. Specific Rules
    1. Metagaming
      1. Floaty Name
      2. Changelings
      3. Invisibility
      4. Disguise
      5. Crafting Recipes
      6. Sharing Inn Rooms
    2. Exploiting
      1. Duping
      2. Sneaking behind a person through a door
      3. Transition Ambushes
      4. ISD
    3. Cheesing
      1. Character Backgrounds
      2. Races
        1. Elves
        2. Drow
      3. Pregnancy
      4. Prestige Classes
    4. Roleplaying Related
      1. Speaking for NPCs
      2. Sexuality
      3. Spies
      4. The Domination Effect
      5. Speaking: Familiars,Changelings,Shapeshifters &Telepathy
      6. Languages
      7. In-Game Rules
  3. Player Guidelines[1]
    1. CvC Gentlemen's Agreement
    2. Notes on the Community Stance on Powergaming
    3. The Meaning of "The Team Frowns Upon It," and Community Membership

[1]Player guidelines aren't official rules, and don't have formal punishments for breaking them, but they are community guidelines accepted and followed by the community of players. Click Here for the team's view on these guidelines.