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Avlis presently consists of nine servers, each running within its own virtual machine. Each server comprises a specific part of the World of Avlis and player characters can travel from one to another just as simply as traveling from one in-game area to another - provided they know the way, of course!

IMPORTANT: Neverwinter Nights no longer supports its master server to authenticate multiplayer logins. Thus, Avlis uses its own authentication server. You need to ensure you are registered with our own server before you can log on to any of the other Avlis servers.


Server Address:

This was the first Avlis server to be built and contains the M'Chekian capital city of Mikona and its immediate surroundings.


Server Address:

The M'Chek server consists of the nation of M'Chek minus the capital city Mikona and its outskirts, as well as the Southern reaches of the Blandenberg Protectorate.


Server Address:

This server consists of T'Nanshi's forest floor, the Northern reaches of the Blandenberg Protectorate and the South-Westernmost borderlands of Drotid.

The Wilderness server once also comprised the areas that now make up the M'Chek server, thus references to the Wilderness made on the forums prior to March 2009 may also refer to that part of the world.


Server Address:

This server contains the Fey city of Elysia and its surrounding land, as well as the sinister and deadly Forest of Midnight.


Server Address:

This server presents the Halfling nation of Ferrell and the many eerie and mysterious locations within.


Server Address:

The Le'Or server is comprised of the Elven city of Le'Or - capital of T'Nanshi - and the many pathways and settlements that lie within the extensive tree-top canopy of that nation.


Server Address:

This server contains the Dwarven and Gnomish nation of Deglos - both the cavernous cities and mines below and the mountain peaks above - as well as the Westernmost borderlands of Drotid and Easternmost borderlands of Brekon


Server Address:

This server contains the mage city of Visimontium., seat of Andrinor's Trust and the High Mage Council


Server Address:

This server contains the extensive network of underdark caverns and tunnels that run deep below much of Avlis, including the Adomkuro trading settlement of Verloghokbol.