Survivalist Tradeskill

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Systems and Tools


Allows use of the meat drops from the loot system. Meats can be treated with the aid of various salting / smoking / herbal / alchemical kits. Tools bundled as mess kits and survivalist kits can be found on the open market. A skilled Survivalist may treat meats achieving qualities similar to products peddled by skilled Alchemists and Herbalists.

In the system, meats come in various degrees of quality. The higher quality the meat, the better the final product that can be created (assuming you have the skill to do so). The lowest quality of meat is termed "Rancid", and can only produce very basic items. High quality meats are rare to find, and will turn rancid by themselves if not processed relatively quickly.

A Druid, a Ranger or a Barbarian is most likely to take such a path, although similar practices are also taught to specialized militant personnel of "civilized Avlis".

Class Requirements

You will be able to utilise the Survivalist Tradeskill if (and only if) your character has one or more levels in one or more of the following classes:

- Druid
- Ranger
- Barbarian
- Fighter
- Holy Warrior (Avlis-specific)

Advancement in this Tradeskill (your crafting XP yield) depends on the number of levels your PC has in these classes. Some of these classes are likely to get greater benefits than the rest (i.e. those accustomed to the wilderness).