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The Avlis Team runs, builds, and DMs the World of Avlis.
These people make the dream come true. Want to join the team?

Team Job Descriptions

Lead Producer
Project Manager
Lead Builder
QA Lead
Head DM
Module Updater
Marketing Director

Project Coordinators/Team Leaders

TripleAught World Leader
MadK@ Lead Producer
Plethora Head DM

Contact The Avlis Team

How to Contact the Team on the Avlis forum.

Individual Team Emails

Ask the Team Forum for posing direct questions to the Avlis Team.

Player's Idea Box Contribute YOUR ideas for Avlis.

Report a Bug Something amiss? Let us know.

Give back. Donate. Spread the word. Join the team.

Team Listings and Groups

The Team

DMs (See also: DM Titles on the Avlis forum.)

CCC (Creation Control Centre)

QA (Quality Assurance)

Proclamation Articulator


The team of long ago