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OOC NOTE: Most of this page contains historical information. In addition to the notes on Andrinor where Andria took over, the Trust of Andrinor and Orders dismantled, transitioned into the Academy of Mortal Magic for the entire organization, the HMC has dissolved and has been replaced by the Magisterium. This page will require a complete overhaul, up to considering making a new page completely. Some of the information is still being discussed IC as well, but wanted to at least get this note here.

Arcane magic is magic provided by the Vortex of Mortal Magic, presided over by Andrinor.

His will is enforced by the High Mage Council, as detailed below.

Avlis Specific Arcane Concepts

See also: Magic

Andrinor's Trust

Andrinors Trust consists of the reformed orders of the old Fold Of Nine.

Orders of the Trust

White Order of the Light
Ivory Order of the Sun
Green Order of the Forest
Blue Order of the Sky
Ashen Order of the Stars
Red Order of the Flame
Gold Order of the Sand
Ebony Order of the Moon
Violet Order of the Skull

When Andrinor assumed control over the Vortex of Mortal Magic, he rekindled the interest in the arcane on Avlis through the creation of a magical maelstrom called the Vortex of Chaos. The appearance of the Vortex of Chaos led to the founding of the Ivory, Ashen, and Ebony Orders, which became the first Orders of Andrinor's Trust. The Trust is a place where mages can grow and learn from each other by interacting with other mages from all walks of life.

A mage that joins an order of the Trust receives a mark upon his or her right shoulder, a magical tattoo granted by Andrinor Himself. This mark symbolizes the mage's affiliation with the Trust.

For a time, only mages with the mark of the Trust could cast 8th and 9th level spells. This restriction has since been lifted by Andrinor at the request of the High Mage Council.

Current Status: In the Year of the Red Star, 2271 A.O.D., Andrinor vanished. His eldest daughter, Andria, took custody over Mortal Magic and directed the Orders of Andrinor's Trust to reform under the Academy of Mortal Magic.

Academy of Mortal Magic

To join an Order of the Trust, it is required that a prospective member attend two lectures detailing the history of the arcane on Avlis. These classes are taught at the Academy of Mortal Magic, which has branches throughout Avlis. The Academy of Mortal Magic also instructs young magi in the arcane, alchemy, and various other subjects.

The High Mage Council

The High Mage Council of Avlis was established early in the existence of Andrinor’s Trust, and is the ultimate ruling body of magedom upon Avlis, granted authority of all mortal magic by Andrinor himself. Formed to create and enforce the laws of magic, the High Mage Council forms everything from the policy that drives the Nine Orders of Magic, ranging from relatively mundane tasks such as moderating conflict between the orders, to setting the laws of the proliferation of magic, and greater tasks such as forming the general curriculum for the mage academies of the Trust all the way to regulating the creation and use of portals throughout Avlis.

The Council consists of three representatives from each order making up twenty-seven votes in addition to one Moderator of the High Council chosen amongst the representatives through a consensus spell, and rotated every ten years. Representatives are appointed by individual Archmages, though how these are selected differs between orders and often by archmage; methods range from everything from voting, to simple selection, to holding contests. Whatever the methods, the chosen representative usually holds their seat until death, though replacement after abdication or recall is not unknown. Membership in the Council is regarded as one of the highest honors bestowed upon mages of the Trust, and the representatives are generally accepted as being among the most powerful and distinguished mages of Avlis.

The Moderator himself holds no direct vote himself but maintains a great deal of influence simply due to the respect he commands amongst the mages of the Council. It is generally accepted that the holder of this office is the de facto leader of the Trust, and the office is one of the most strongly contested positions amongst the orders. Originally held by Melonius Mennallin, succeeded by the refounder of the Gold Order - Damar Ogdem, the current Moderator of the Council is Miette Hartley of the Blue Order.

High Mage Council Members

Moderator: Miette Hartley

Ivory Order of the Sun

  • Luludi Baxt
  • Maria Torin NPCs
  • Saman

Ashen Order of the Stars

  • Ronan
  • Eora Issena NPCs
  • Gortozes Coldreach NPCs

Ebony Order of the Moon

  • Heiran va'Mairne NPCs
  • Agnes Hurst NPCs
  • Elradra Rasul

Green Order of the Forest

  • Archibald
  • Ezarie Naen NPCs
  • Nawen

Blue Order of the Sky

  • Alistair Vlaine NPCs
  • Zel'on Val'ik Dal'du'ro NPCs
  • Marigold Thistletop

White Order of the Light

  • Gorem Stonewand NPCs
  • Vanar Alhaldren
  • Micah Ormane

Red Order of the Flame

  • Kassha Fireheart
  • Fabello
  • Artorius Illurien NPCs

Gold Order of the Sand

  • X'Ta Atrellios
  • Ilomas Tahm'lieulia
  • Sayyid Nassyr NPCs

Violet Order of the Skull

  • The Master NPCs
  • Dameon
  • Lilliana Be'letane

  • Current as of 5/28/19
  • Current Members of the High Mage Council: View list here


Also of importance to many wizards is Angadar, the god of Arcane Knowledge. Angadar provides the ability to read and write arcane scrolls, as well as lording over other knowledge of magic. In the past there were hostilities between followers of Angadar and mages of the Trust, reaching their pinnacle in a great battle that took place in Visimontium. The two gods have since made peace with each other.