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Shadow Matter Illusionist Overview

Shadow Matter Illusionists replace the inner planar energy with shadow matter taken from the plane of shadows in the incantation process, converting their evocation and conjuration spells into illusions.


1 - Converts 1st - 3rd Level Spells to Illusion School, +10% Damage Dice Cap

2 - Converts 4th - 6th Level Spells to Illusion School, +2 DC to Disbelief, +20% Damage Dice Cap

3 - Converts 7th - 9th Level Spells to Illusion School, +2 DC, +30% Damage Dice Cap, Disbelief Save Ignores Spellcraft Bonus


  • Disbelief Checks use illusion spell DCs and do the following shadow damage even if they are disbelieved:
    • No Spell Focus - 1/10th
    • Spell Focus: Illusion - 1/6th
    • Greater Spell Focus: Illusion - 1/4th
    • Epic Spell Focus: Illusion - 1/2
  • Bonus to Damage Dice Cap means if a spell tops out at 10d6 it is raised to 11d6 for Rank 1, 12d6 for Rank 2, 13d6 for Rank 3.

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