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|vian at avlis dot org
|vian at avlis dot org
[[Category:Team| DM]]
[[Category:Team| DM]]

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A Dungeon Master (DM) is a player who uses the DM client and controls NPCs and other aspects of the game for player characters.

For the Players, a DM is a DM - whatever word is placed before the word DM. All of them are part of the Team, so please feel free to ask any of us if you need help.

The DM hierarchy goes from high to low: Head DM - Elder DM - Veteran DM - Senior DM - Major DM - Minor DM - Apprentice DM.

DM's are not restricted to any one server, they can DM wherever they want. The category "Server" is just to show you what server the DM knows best, which could be useful in communicating with the Team.

Name Avatar Title Server Timezone Email
Alexandru Stanicu The Hammer Elder DM GMT-6
Belasco Ingoren Minor DM GMT-?
Croton Kuthos Veteran DM LeOr GMT-4 croton at avlis dot org
Czarcasm Keros Senior DM Kurathene GMT-5 czarcasm at avlis dot org
Gaelyn Faerstryd Clangeddin Major DM Deglos GMT-5 gaelyn at avlis dot org
Game-Extremist Major DM Dark City GMT+10 Game-Extremist at avlis dot org
Ghostie Verossa Veteran DM Wilderness / Elysia GMT+1 ghostie at avlis dot org
Jazz Toran Senior DM Kuras GMT+1/+2 jazz at avlis dot org
Kinerata Paragus Major DM GMT+10
Korak Kelvos Senior DM Mikona GMT-5 korak at avlis dot org
Li'll Divvil Apprentice DM GMT?
MadK@ Xenon Minor DM GMT+8 madk at avlis dot org
Marijn Andrinor Elder DM Visimontium GMT+1 marijn at avlis dot org
Micah Ormane Vorin Minor DM GMT-?
NecroZombie Bobil Major DM Mikona GMT-5 necrozombie at avlis dot org
Nighthawk4 Dru'El Head DM Elysia GMT+1 nighthawk4 at avlis dot org
Olaf Titania Veteran DM Wilderness GMT-7 olaf at avlis dot org
Orleron Angadar The Boss Avlis GMT-4 orleron at avlis dot org
papainhell Kimonictinus Veteran DM Deglos GMT-4 papainhell at avlis dot org
Premonition11 Apprentice DM GMT?
RCon Evrak Senior DM Wilderness GMT-4 rcon at avlis dot org
renedq Blibdoolpoolp Major DM Mikona GMT-5 renedq at avlis dot org
rhampshire Aryeh Gidol Major DM LeOr GMT-1 rhampshire at avlis dot org
Silk Andrinor IT Director Avlis GMT-5 silk at avlis dot org
Spool32 Pelar Veteran DM Wilderness GMT-5 spool32 at avlis dot org
Themicles Themicles Minor DM GMT-4 themicles at avlis dot org
tq121 Dre'Ana Veteran DM Elysia GMT+1 tq121 at avlis dot org
Trigger Yeraiah Major DM GMT+1
Vian Gorethar Senior DM GMT-? vian at avlis dot org


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