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|Name_of_Creature= Donkey
|Name_of_Creature= Donkey
|Companion_Submission_Status= submitted
|CTS_Code= 2029
|CTS_Code= 2029
|Type_of_Creature= Animal
|Type_of_Creature= Animal

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Creature Name: Donkey

Observations by: Nero Kettlebottom (GSID=DETaylor)

Creature Type: Animal ((2029))

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: Not yet (submitted, but not yet reviewed).


The Donkey is seen in many of the reaches of Southern Avlis, most notably in Ferrell. It seems docile enough, yet has a will and mind of its own. If this specie is related to those in my homeland, they cannot be moved against their will, yet will easily carry a burden that would fell a lesser animal. Further study will either show this animal to be useful or not.

Feeding Habits

The donkey will eat grasses, field corn, standing crops or provided grains.

Disposition and Social Habits

The Donkey has not been seen in herds in Avlis, unlike my homeland. They seem to be a solitary, domesticated specie.


Most Donkey have been fenced in on a farm but one was seen wandering near Derrington's lands.


Most compatible: Brown Bear

  • Although the Donkey is not remotely a bear, they are both sturdy, strong and can carry a load.

Other notes

None listed.