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History of Drakehall

Early History

Drakehall Keep was built many generations ago in the untamed wilderness of the M’Chekian grasslands and served as the first ancestral fortress of the powerful House Drake. The Drake’s carved out a name for themselves in the harsh and unforgiving wilds, and this fortress provided a beacon of safety and protection to the men and women living in this region.

Situated in western M’Chek, the Keep is nestled in a shallow valley and is surrounded by low, sweeping hills and fertile farmlands. It borders Nelthropian lands and the Hills of the Order of the Way to the north, with Westshore and Bachwood edging its southern boundaries. The Keep is made of stone and is 2 stories in height, with a small watch tower built atop the southwest corner of the roof. Underground rooms provide storage and other necessities.

As time passed, the Drake’s power and influence grew and with it, a new port rose out of necessity nearby along the western coastline. Westshore was established and the Drake’s shifted their seat of power to that newly settled coastal settlement.

Drakehall Keep was still used by the Drake’s and those loyal to their banner over the next few generations, but over time it was neglected and fell into disrepair.

Change in Ownership

Lord Constantine Drake of Westshore served as the ruling noble in House Drake. It can be reasoned that this power was not enough for him, and he craved more influence over M’Chek. To this end, he spearheaded efforts at what became plans for an eventual coup attempt.

Constantine’s plans for a coup focused on many fronts. He conspired with numerous individuals to kidnap the young nephew and niece from Chasworth Keep, Edgar and Audra Harwood, the heirs of Lord Tobias Chasworth, as well as General Cassius of the M’Chekian Army. Additionally, aided by General Percival Tate and the disgraced Colonel Tanners, there were many attempted assassinations of multiple nobles in key positions of power and influence. The men also flooded the southwest and the northwest M’Chekian countryside with bandits to sow panic and confusion within the general population.

With the aid of a force hired by Prime Minister Deth and Lord Harvingdale, many nobles were protected from assassination attempts and they ultimately captured the elusive Lord of Westshore. The soldiers of the Skybolt Battalion subdued Lord Drake’s army and all the key players were in custody with the exception of General Tate, who evaded capture.

Lord Constantine Drake was executed by hanging in the Garrison Square of Mikona, after being tried by a jury of his peers in the Noble House. Numerous charges were leveled against him and his co-conspirators to include treason, conspiracy to murder more than a dozen nobles, kidnapping, and a number of other undisclosed crimes. Lord Drake did not swing by the neck that morning by himself; both Colonel Tanners and a mercenary named Geoffrey were executed alongside the disgraced noble.

Current Status and Garrison

In the wake of the death of Constantine Drake, the Noble House deemed it necessary to offer Lord Chasworth reparations for the injuries inflicted on his heirs while held captive by Lord Drake’s conspirators. Lord Chasworth was gifted several select pieces of ancestral Drake lands by the Noble House, specifically Drakehall and Drakeshore in western M’Chek.

Sir Thaylis Beign had just recently retired from serving as the Brigadier and commanding officer of the Blackhawk Brigade, and after some private discussions with Lord Chasworth, the former officer and Hero of M’Chek accepted a position as a vassal to the older man. Sir Thaylis Beign was granted stewardship of the Drake family ancestral home and the lands surrounding it. With this new responsibility, he is entrusted to oversee the prosperity and welfare of Drakehall Keep and the loyal M’Chekian citizens who live in the surrounding holdings.

Once Sir Thaylis took control of Drakehall, many structural repairs needed to be carried out on the neglected fortress. The repairs were quickly made and Thaylis put a public notice out to the nation, asking for former Blackhawks to fill the ranks of a company of guardsmen needed to serve at Drakehall Keep. Nearly 2 dozen men and women answered the call to his banner. Additionally, Rickus va’Alor, priest to Toran, serves as the garrison commander of the Keep. In addition to these duties, Rickus had requested a small chaplet be built on the lands of Drakehall and to this end, roughly a dozen followers of Toran has joined him. They serve as part of the guard company as well.

Additionally, in the aftermath of Lady Finmaegen's judgment over a group of Snorko's Dubunant half-orc army veterans, Drakehall Keep took into service 5 of their group to bolster the garrison, swelling the number to roughly 40 men and women. A newly built guard tower was constructed adjacent to the Keep, and all members of the company were given a silver insignia which identified them as Drakehall soldiers. The insignia is circular in design, depicting the heads of a hawk and a silver dragon facing each other on a field of M'Chekian blue.

Drakehall Keep's official color scheme is black, silver, and M'Chekian blue.

Drakehall Keep’s main export is an assortment of beers with a distinctive taste in the region. Under the watchful eye of the Keep’s brewmaster, Flint Wrightson, Drakehall has forged a name for itself with a variety of quality ales and stouts. Growing their own barley and adding a variety of additional imported ingredients gives the finished products a unique taste.

Works of Art, Artifacts, Gifts, and Trophies


The Elysian Dragon Wing by Elwin
Official Wedding Portrait of the Beigns by Selona Xilrel
Dragon Rhapsody - First Kill at the Battle of Isle of the Dreadnought by Adriel Belsley of Westshore
Lord Chasworth by Friedhelm of Mikona
The Wedding by Anhaern Herkian
Dragon Rhapsody - Maiden Voyage by Adriel Belsley of Westshore
Dragon Garden by Aneirin
That Painting by Unknown
Allikar and Ammika wait for Abbikar by Nawen Beign
Flower Arrangement by Arena of Dre'Ana
Sunflowers in the Gardens by Nawen Beign


Throne of the Drakes
Written History of Drakehall
Dragon Scale Armour, Sandstone
Dragon Scale Armour, Granite
Dragon Scale Armour, Coal
Dragon Scale Armour, Amber


Fergus's Angurvadal (which he was gifted from Dame Moira)
Kurathene Harp given by Rickus to Nawen

Battle Field Trophies

Dawn of Terror's Bell with the song It don't float no more by Aneirin Menelaos
Snorko's Maul
River Stones
Banner from the ship Magenta
Banner from the ship Ebony Rose
Banner from the ship Nauticus
Unknown ship's wheel from the Battle of Isle of the Dreadnought

Amenities of Drakehall

Drakehall Keep while a military keep and has barracks for its troops. It is seeing new life and new facilities. From its own smithy to a chapel dedicated to Toran. To more recently a brewery and planned rumors of land purchases along the coast for a proper pier for ships to dock at and possibly more farmlands and barns. Even rumors abound of dryads at work as they been seen now and then studying the lands.

Drakehall Businesses

Drakehall Brewery

With word of Drakehall's brewing spreading and Brewmaster's Flint own reputation with it. Drakehall afforded him his own establishment to create his artisan beers from. Along with Charlie and other trusted staff helping to maintain kegs. They have created a wide range of brews and even supply their brews to other venues. Are known to brew for special events.

Drakehall Full Body Ale(**)
Drakehall Scholarly Triple Stout Porter(**)
Drakehall Stout
Drakehall's Blackhawks Black Ale
Drakehall's Blissful BarleyWine
Drakehall's Bridal Ale
Drakehall's Cherry Stout
Drakehall's Empire Whiskey Barrel Stout
Drakehall's Grooms Gose
Drakehall's Joy of the Hunt Wild Ale
Drakehall's Musical Saison(***)
Drakehall's Original Stout
Drakehall's Poetic Pilsner
Drakehall's Winter Warmer

Drakehall's Mulled Fairy Garden Wine

(**) Only available at Vorin's Treasure Trove and Rest, M'Chek
(***) Only available at Menelaos Performance Hall & Art Gallery, Nor'seere

Squid's In

Some years ago Thaylis partnered with Captain Ony and her Squid's Inn to sell his leather goods. The venture was so profitable that he hired on Bo Jr to oversee his interest in the business.

Drakehall Exchange

Not much is known about the Exchange outside of the keep at this time. Other than its rather large and the Beigns have eyes on Mikona Marketplace for their plans.

Drakehall Fleet

Dragon Rhapsody

The Dragon Rhapsody is a seagoing war sloop with twin mask and she carries a battery for 10 cannons. Her company complete with her gun crews can number around 45-50 sailors depending upon her mission. She maintains anchorage in Westshore within the shadow of Drakehall Keep. Operates in the Western Seas and the bay between M'Chek and Toran Shaarda. She can also make her way up the Eridanian River to Elysia and Ferrell.

She was acquired through known salvage laws of the sea by Rickus va'Alor and appears in the ship registries in Mikona under the name of Dragon Rhapsody. Her original name was the Flaming Chicken. Her first kill was at the Battle of Isle of the Dreadnought of an unknown Orcish vessel. Later she teamed up the Ebony Rose and took on the Nauticus and defeated the Nauticus; the Ebony Rose was lost in action. She spends her time patrolling the bay and waters between Westshore and Toran Shaarda.

  • Captain Honeybreeze - This Avariel rose to the top of several promising candidates and she was selected to command the Dragon Rhapsody.
  • Bronson - (human) First Mate - His quick wit is only surpassed by his love of the high sea. Bronson has spent the better part of 2 decades aboard ships and is a highly capable master of ships.
  • Jim - (half-orge) Jim served in the Mikona navy during the War against Drotid, and saw heavy fighting in the Eastern Seas aboard Captain Roland Barker's HMS Shannon as a cannoneer. He serves in the same capacity on the Rhapsody, and his brute strength is welcomed, making quick work of the heavy work, such as winching up the anchor.
  • Agnes Tournebulle - Master at Arms (Second Mate) and commands the ships gun crews.
  • Catharina Harlan-Höger - Boatswain (Third Mate)
  • Norbert Lerche - Bosun’s Mate
  • Cleeve Reynes - Bosun’s Mate


Currently making anchorage on the Eastern Cost of T'Nanshi at an undisclosed location while repairs and refitting take place. She was acquired from Captain Black after the Dauntless was burned. The crew of the Dauntless stormed and took the Magenta for their own and used it to tow the Dauntless back to the mainland. Where it was sold to Drakehall. Her battery of some 10 cannons was removed and transported to Drakehall for security reasons.

Key Figures of Drakehall Keep

PC's associated with Drakehall Keep

  • Thaylis Beign - Knight of Drakehall. Serves as a vassal to Lord Chasworth and was granted stewardship of Drakehall Keep and the corresponding holdings. Is entrusted to ensure the prosperity and well being of the Drakehall lands and citizens. Member of House Silverstrike 4th house of Nor'seere.
  • Rickus va'Alor - Knight Commander of Drakehall - Rickus serves as the garrison commander of Drakehall. He is in charge of the overall security and is Thaylis' chief adviser in most matters. Rickus also provides religious services as a Priest of Toran, providing guidance and services to the many Toranites and other interested citizens of Drakehall.
  • Kara Kalinor - Captain of the Guard. Kara's main responsibility is providing leadership and oversight to the nearly 40 men and women who form Drakehall's guard force. Coordinates patrols and training, and reports directly to Rickus.
  • Nawen Begin - Sage of Drakehall. Serves as another key adviser to Thaylis and his wife. Member of House Silverstrike 4th house of Nor'seere. Known throughout the gardens as Ammika'newan; member of the Winter Court.
  • Kate Benessett - Serves as a guards-woman and provide advice concerning the arcane.
  • Ursula Seleivara - Minstrel of Drakehall - Retained by Thaylis for musical and poetic entertainment and education to all the citizens within the lands of Drakehall.
  • Kassha Firehart - Another key Drakehall Keep adviser, Kassha provides counsel, recommendations, and advice regarding all things arcane to Thaylis.
  • Ariana - Arian The Aran, Member of Winter Court, Keeper of Flowers and Seeds. ForestWitch.
  • 'Deo' Deostori Silverpaw - Close friends to the Beigns. Caretaker of the Tree.
  • Finn Kiff - A trusted friend and adviser to the Beigns. Also enjoys discussing all things related to brewing beers with Flint.
  • Fabello - A trusted friend to the Beignns. Serves the dual role as adviser to the couple, as well as bearing the responsibility as acting as the Interpreter of Kassha.

NPC's associated with Drakehall Keep

  • Flint Wrightson - Brewmaster of Drakehall and oversees Drakehall Brewery. Is the person responsible for the brewing Drakehall's unique and flavorful beers, ales and stouts. A giant of a man, he stands over 6'3", wields both a greatsword and a majestic mustache.
  • Duncan Fields - Drakehall Keep’s master blacksmith. A competent master blacksmith, he has 2 teen-aged apprentices helping him with the forge and bellows.
  • Brok – Apprenticed to Duncan. A Romini boy just stepping out of his early teens, he is never far from Duncan. He has the same dark hair as Duncan.
  • Autumn – Apprenticed to Duncan. A Romini girl in her early teens.
  • Roberts Brindle – Drakehall Keep’s Steward. A dependable and capable Romini, he ensures Drakehall Keeps runs like a well-oiled Gnomish machine.
  • Freya Brook– The Head Chef of Drakehall. This Romini has no problems with speaking her mind. The kitchen is her world and she runs it smoothly and efficiently.
  • Porter Wells - Drakehall Keep’s manservant and cook. Helps Freya in the kitchen when not performing his other duties or tasks from Roberts.
  • Skyla and Seraph Silverstrike - Avariel of noble blood and members of House Silverstrike. Twins. Adopted into Drakehall Keep.
  • Strephonius - This Dragon Wing member has been welcomed into Drakehall. Is in command of the Scouting operating out of Drakehall.
  • Tegris - This man can be seen at the Keep from time to time, training Thaylis with the use of bladed weapons. Highly focus, his skills with a variety of weapons is nearly unmatched.
  • Bellamy Blake - Stable Master of Drakehall.
  • Bernie - Former 2nd in command in Snorko's gang. Captured, he chooses to assist Rickus in weeding out Snorko's men and vouching for their sincerity in reintegration into M'Chekian society. Now serves as the Quartermaster for the Drakehall guards and assists in training.
  • Charlie - Son of a merchant. Stole wedding linens and cutlery en route to Drakehall for his own greed. Now serves Drakehall, working in the brewery under the watchful eye of Flint to pay off his debt

Note - Roberts, Freya, and Porter were part of a handful of reliable men and women hand-picked by Lord Chasworth to help Thaylis get the run-down keep back in order when Drakehall was first handed over to Thaylis’ care.

Animals sighted in and around the Keep

  • Harmony – A female Husky puppy that was rescued along with several children from slavers along M’Chek’s eastern coastline. Gifted to Nawen. Full of unbridled energy.
  • Sul - Her name means "Wind" in Sylvan. An adolescent Roc raised by Thaylis from a hatchling. Her plumage is the pale golden color across her entire length. The feathers of her wings are also pale gold in color, but the larger primary and secondary feathers are flecked with shades of deep pine and mahogany. Her beak and talons are a darker shade of gold, and both are dangerously sharp. The eyes are a vibrant golden hue surrounding a black iris. While not a constant feature at the Keep, when she is present she claims the watchtower as her own.
  • Miss Chef – A white cat frequently seen in the kitchen.
  • Murder – A blind crow. A constant companion of Freya’s.
  • Hunter – A black cat who stalks the cellar and tunnels beyond.
  • Thief - A black cat with white markings who is typically seen curled up in front of the dining room fireplace.
  • Osha - A grizzly cub that took to Nawen. Thaylis rescued her during his Great Hunt against Strephanious.
  • Night Blossom - Nawens' warhorse, gifted to her as a wedding gift from House Dane.
  • Wildbolt - Thaylis' warhorse, gifted to him as a wedding gift from House Dane.

Drakehall Keep Guard Command Structure

The Guard forces at Drakehall consist mainly of former Blackhawk veterans and Toranite faithful. Overall command rests on the Knight Commander Rickus va’Alor's shoulders, and day-to-day oversight falls to the company commanders. Duties including patrolling the boundaries of Keeps lands and protection the keep and those within it.

The guards are divided into 2 companies, Dragon and Wyvern Company. Each is outlined as follows:

Captain (1), Lieutenant (2), Sergent (4), Corporal (4), 20 guardsmen.

Dragon Company

  • Captain Kara Kalinor Former Blackhawk officer. (PC)
  • Lt. Linda Reed - Former Blackhawk NCO.
  • Lt. Zack White - Toranite
  • Sgt Regina Folon - Toranite
  • Sgt Alonso Williams - Mikon
  • Sgt Juliet Fastolfe - Toranite
  • Sgt David Cryppys - Toranite
  • Corporal Noela Long – Toranite
  • Corporal Edmund Thornton – Toranite
  • Corporal Audrey Sentjohn – Toranite
  • Corporal Adrian Horman – Toranite
  • Guard Hilda James – Toranite
  • Guard Matthew Francey – Mikon
  • Guard Tovilda Norwich – Toranite
  • Guard Sarah Burgoyn – Mikon
  • Guard Gilbert Fabyan – Toranite
  • Guard Denis Grafton – Mikon
  • Guard William Bradston – Toranite
  • Guard Richard Garard – Mikon
  • Guard Leonard Braunstone – Toranite
  • Guard Hannah Jarman – Toranite
  • Guard Miles Fitzralph – Toranite
  • Guard Sarra Paston – Toranite
  • Guard Rollo Symons – Mikon
  • Guard Robert Stone – Toranite
  • Guard Laura Monde – Yeraiah
  • Guard Jeremy Tregonwell – Toranite
  • Guard Nathaniel Deacons – Toranite
  • Guard Jacob Williams – Toranite
  • Guard Joseph Harpeden – Kelvos
  • Guard Andrew Engleford – Toranite

Wyvern Company

  • Captain Phillip Pavers – Former Blackhawk officer.
  • Lt. Lucas Mason - Former Blackhawk officer.
  • Lt. Garmis Finlayson – Toranite
  • Sgt Walter Ufford - Toranite
  • Sgt Sam Winters – Toranite
  • Sgt Katherina Horner – Toranite
  • Sgt Diana Aufidius – Toranite
  • Corporal Florence Unton – Toranite
  • Corporal Ragenhild Albyn – Toranite
  • Corporal Jerome Duredent – Toranite
  • Corporal Philip Wolrond – Mikon
  • Guard Zacharia Atkinson – Toranite
  • Guard Luke Grobbam – Toranite
  • Guard Stephana Chase – Toranite
  • Guard Julian Willardsey – Toranite
  • Guard Sara Styward – Toranite
  • Guard Roberte Quintin – Mikon
  • Guard John Baldwin – Toranite
  • Guard Gerard Poulet – Mikon
  • Guard Thomas Mugge – Mikon
  • Guard Deborah Barre – Dre'Ana
  • Guard Elizabeth Barre – Dre'Ana
  • Guard Esau Thomas – Pelar
  • Guard Florence Merstun – Toranite
  • Guard Jeffrye Carlyll – Toranite
  • Guard Denise Jowchet – Toranite
  • Guard Mark Sprottle – Toranite
  • Guard Allen Dygenys – Mikon
  • Guard Jane Wake – Yeraiah
  • Guard Patience Dye – Toranite
  • Guard Arthur Goodluck – Toranite