Dreamscape Kittens

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The Dreamscape Kittens were a litter of black kittens found at the Orcscourge Chasm by a group of adventurers, during a clash against the Cult of Rathas.

The last evening a rather sizeable group of us descended into another ruin, this time in the Orcscourge Chasm. The Dreamscape at this location, like the others, was tattered and torn. More so even than in Southill. In these ruins we were encountering much of the same as before; cultists, Dream-beings, and an altar to Rathas. There were also kittens, one of which I may have acquired for the Red Manor.
-Magus Fabello


The Dreamscape Kittens were notable for a long lifespan and diminutive stature. For most other purposes and reasons, they were indistinguishable from regular cats who might have, at a time, wandered into the Dreamscape.

Known Exemplars


Adopted by: Fabello

Home: Red Manor

Profile: Dream prowls the Red Manor, paying about as much heed to Caution & Danger signs as any cat would. Which is to say, none whatsoeer. Dream is a dedicated mouser, known for chasing her prey through many an Experiment in Progress and emerging unscathed. Alas, the same cannot be said for the equipment and apprentices involved. A small note tucked under Dream's collar directs any damage reports to Magus Fabello.


Adopted by: Glorandrea Aersinith

Home: Friends of the Forest

Profile: Can a kitten cook? Elwin likes to help, best sous-chef around. He is grateful for anything you put in his dish. One has got to wonder how he stays so tiny!


Adopted by: Korennya Erinfales

Home: Maidens Keep

Profile: Leg stalker. Skirt chaser. Raider of panty drawers. Could have sworn she was just in the other room, how did she get here?

Shadow Fast

Adopted by: Elainee Aerlin

Home: River House Estate

Profile: Easily lost in the tall grass, this diminutive hunter patrols the River House Estate grounds. His favored enemy are the common T'Nanshi tree frogs but he is just as likely to go after centipedes, beetles and spiders. A different gift each day for the ladies of the house!


Adopted by: Nawen Amakiir Beign

Home: Drakehall Keep

Profile: This petite feline sports a fancy collar feat. a decorative winged skull. Ursula takes her name after the famous Avariel bard, Ursula Seleivara. She is quite the artist, too! Look under the bar room cabinet for Ursula's latest arrangement of pencils, bottle corks, buttons, pins and other objects considered long lost.