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PC Statistics

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Con -2 Cha

Favored Class: Fighter

Bonus Feats and Special Abilities:


The term 'dubgaldokin is an ancient wording for the phrase 'from the galdokin'. This is because their kind are derived directly from the ancestral pool of dwarves created by Gorethar and living in the nation of Galdos. This is the most well-known type of dwarf on Avlis, for they may be encountered almost anywhere either below or above ground.


Though they are seen as slightly less caustic than their galdokin cousins, because of their greater knowledge of the surface world, the dubgaldokin are still slow to open up to strangers and distrustful of non-dwarves at first. They can still have a fair amount of stubbornness, rude demeanor, and a pessimistic outlook, as most dwarves are perceived to have. However, the dubgaldokin appreciate good food and drink more than most. In a party atmosphere, they are known to be fun and are able to 'let down their beards' and be loose. Dubgaldokin possess a very strong work ethic, and a love of crafting and fine wares. In addition to this, they are generally able to understand matters that deal with the aesthetic beauty of nature and unrefined things for the most part. Among all the types of dwarves on Avlis, the dubgaldokin are the most likely to travel or even live above ground. When asking a non-dwarf to describe dwarves, most often they will talk about a dubgaldokin.

Physical Description

Dubgaldokin heights are between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 feet, with the largest specimens occasionally reaching 5 feet tall. Their skin tones range from dark browns to a fair off-white. Specific colors will vary by region and family, as well as breeding. Hair color can be red, blonde, or brown, and sometimes black. Eye colors tend to be light shades of brown or blue. All male dubgaldokin are very proud of their beards, which they groom according to different styles depending on region and time period. Females can have some facial hair on their cheeks, though not always.

Both male and female dubgaldokin dress in earth tones and make their clothing often from the skins of surface animals.


Dubgaldokin are more racially tolerant than other kinds of dwarves. They can be found living in and among other races quite often, especially with gnomes. However, finding them living in predominantly orcish, goblinoid, or shaahesk societies is exceedingly rare. They have a much more liberal outlook on life than their galdokin cousins, though not as liberal as races like elves or humans. Even though they are tolerant, dubgaldokin are still critical of other races, often because they do not live up to the dwarven ideals of hard work and appreciation for crafting.


There is generally no predominant alignment for dubgaldokin, though many of them tend to feel that laws governing things outside of work can be cumbersome, thus making them of a chaotic persuasion. Large numbers of them simply do not care to think about matters dealing with good and evil, and prefer to tend to their own small realm of life, whatever it may be. This is a somewhat neutral philosophy.

Dubgaldokin Lands

The nation of Deglos is the home of the dubgaldokin. The tribes and clans that comprised the southern portion of Galdos seceded to form this nation just after the end of the Great War. The nation of Deglos is shared with the gnomes, who came to power alongside them there. Expatriates from Deglos can be found practically anywhere, because of the large amount of trade that goes on between this country and the rest of the world. Particularly, there are many dubgaldokin living in the Seven Cities and parts of T'Nanshi.


Dubgaldokin are just as likely to worship Gorethar or Fegall as any other god. They are also likely to supplement their worship with other gods for other things as needed. When it comes to faith, they recognize their creator, but often are at odds with him on some of his principles, which directs them to look at other ways of thinking.


Dwarven is the main language spoken by dwarves of all kinds. The dubgaldokin form borrows heavily from gnomish, which is another language derived from dwarven. Dubgaldokin and other types of dwarves are generally able to understand one another, though they bitterly complain of accents between themselves. Common and Undercommon are also commonly learned, and enemy languages, such as goblin and giant-kin are often known. Nearly every dubgaldokin also knows gnomish because of their proximity to them when growing up.


A galdokin's last name signifies their family name. Originally these were clan names, but over time professions became more important than clans in dubgaldokin society, and names based on professions arose. First names are given at birth and are often recycled from ancestors or great craftsmen of the past.

Male Names

Adhin, Hargas, Harthgrepa, Kharak, Lagnar, Rald, Teran, Thalin, Thorgrim, Tinzuc

Female Names

Amber, Diamond, Hanni, Lilla, Odella, Opal, Tagnara, Threlli, Triphella, Varda

Family Names

Forgefire, Cooper, Limecrusher, Rivetdriver, Smithy


Dubgaldokin adventurers may start their path as trade caravan riders, or merchants seeking to peddle their wares. In some instances, they are searching for something that was lost, or trying to make right some wrong. The path of the adventurer is not completely shunned in dubgaldokin society, though they often will say there are better things to do.

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