Dwarf, Galdokin

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PC Statistics

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Con -2 Cha

Favored Class: Fighter

Special Abilities:
Hardiness vs. Poisons
Hardiness vs. Spells
Offensive Training vs. Orcs
Offensive Training vs. Goblinoids
Defensive Training vs. Giants
Skill Affinity: Lore


Early in the planet's history, dwarves were set to roam the hills and mountains of Avlis. Through the years, they found their affinity for craftsmanship and set out to live close to their raw materials below ground. The oldest brand of dwarves are the galdokin, tracing their line back to the very first family of dwarves created by Gorethar himself, the Gald family.


To outsiders, galdokin seem gruff, grumpy, and pessimistic. In some cases, they are regarded as downright prejudice. However, among members of their own kind they are more open and caring. Though they are always serious when it comes to matters of working and making a living, the galdokin have a jovial sense of humor and enjoy their leisure immensely. When they are not working, they can often be found enjoying a good pint of dwarf spirits in a tavern, or spending quality time with their families. They also have a very refined appreciation for craftsmanship of all kinds, and innately love the look of gold and jewels, both for their monetary value and their artistic value. Among all the subspecies of Avlissian dwarves, the galdokin are the least likely to venture above ground, and the least appreciative of the benefits of living there.

Physical Description

Galdokin heights range between 4 and 4 1/2 feet, with the largest specimens rarely reaching 5 feet tall. Their skin tones range from ruddy browns to a medium gray, almost like the color of stone. Specific colors will vary by region and family, as well as breeding. Members of noble blood are often more likely to have grayish coloring. Hair color ranges from black to gray, and in rare cases, white. Galdokin eye color is invariably black or brown. Male galdokin are very proud of their beards, which they groom according to different styles depending on region and time period. Females can have some facial hair on their cheeks, though not always.

Both male and female galdokin tend to dress in very dark drab colors that match their hair and skin tones and are also useful for blending in with the rocky caverns in which they live.


Galdokin do not get along with any race to any great degree. Their tolerance of other races varies, ranging from grudging acceptance, as in the case of the dubgaldokin, to outright calls for blood, as in the case of the giant-kin and goblinoids. Their gripes with other races boil down to three main areas: inability to work hard, rejection of the philosophies of law and order, and physical attributes. By other races, the galdokin are thought to be very xenophobic, to the point of being dangerous, however the galdokin rarely go out of their way to force their beliefs on others, so long as they are not attacked.


On average, galdokin are lawful and goodly. There are of course exceptions to this, with the most common one being specimens that adhere more to the ways of law than anything else and are thus neutral with regard to good and evil.

Galdokin Lands

The vast majority of galdokin live in their home nation of Galdos, an underground complex of grand halls and fortresses built beneath the central mountain range of Negaria. This nation was once twice the size as it is today, but the southern half of it peacefully seceded after the conclusion of the Great War to become the nation of Deglos. Few galdokin are found in Deglos today, and few adventure beyond the confines of their mountain kingdom.


Galdokin almost exclusively follow Gorethar, their creator. Though it is common for most folk on Avlis to worship a main philosophical god and to supplement their worship with other gods according to need, the galdokin are the least likely to do this. The vast majority are faithful only to Gorethar. A small subset follows a visiting god named Clangeddin, who was reputed to be Gorethar's tutor upon reaching godhood. In Galdos, the worshippers of Clangeddin and Gorethar respect each other and exist together peacefully, but other gods are less likely to be tolerated there.


Dwarven is the main language spoken by dwarves of all kinds. The galdokin version is said to be the purest form, derived directly from words taught to them by Gorethar and Clangeddin. Galdokin and other types of dwarves are generally able to understand one another, though they bitterly complain of accents between themselves. Common and Undercommon are also commonly learned, and enemy languages, such as goblin and giant-kin are often known.


A galdokin's last name signifies their clan name. They are very proud of it and will often introduce themselves using it exclusively. First names are given at birth and are often recycled from ancestors or great heroes of the past. Nevertheless, no matter how many times the names are recycled, the galdokin have no trouble determining their genealogy and positions in their clans.

Male Names

Adhin, Hargas, Harthgrepa, Kharak, Lagnar, Rald, Teran, Thalin, Thorgrim, Tinzuc

Female Names

Amber, Diamond, Hanni, Lilla, Odella, Opal, Tagnara, Threlli, Triphella, Varda

Clan Names

Gald, Ironfist, Steelhead, Stormhammer, Thund


Wandering galdokin are often outcasts from their society because being away from their clan and home is against their cultural values. They may begin their adventuring life on quests to clear their name, or to seek revenge for a wrong committed. Through their whole existence, however, they may be shunned by their own kind for their path.

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