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PC Statistics

Base Race: Gnome

Ability Score Adjustments: -1 Str -1 Cha +2 Con


Favored Class: Fighter


  • Stone Dwarves use the Gnome model as used in character creation


Stone dwarves are born of the rare union between a gnome and a dwarf. They have a combination of dwarven and gnomish attributes in both physique and personality. Due to the nature of their birth, they possess many of the best qualities of both parents, and some of the worst. Because they are so uncommon, many do not even realize they exist, and those that are unfamiliar with them often mistake them as being somewhat undernourished dubgaldokin.


To the untrained eye, stone dwarves seem much like hyper dubgaldokin. Though they are stubborn and set in their ways, they are often inquisitive and curious, and in the habit of pushing their luck as far as it will go. To some this is an asset, and many believe this makes them grand companions at parties and festivals, especially when there is gambling involved. To others, this trait is annoying and overbearing. Because there are not many of them, stone dwarves are used to associating with non-stone dwarves, be they dubgaldokin, or non-dwarven all together. In some specimens, their ancestry seems to give them a shrewd blend of caution and willingness to take risks that makes for very successful results in business dealings. For individuals not interested in mercantile crafts, they are known to make fair crafters, scholars, and sages, especially in the areas of glassblowing, alchemy, and history.

Physical Description

Though stone dwarves are a hybrid between dwarves and gnomes, they look mostly dwarven as fair as hair and skin color go, except that the females never grow facial hair. They are also taller and skinnier than most Deglos dwarves, more often reaching 4 1/2 or even 5 feet. Their tall and skinny build makes them resemble their dwarven cousins from Galdos. Hence, the name "stone dwarf" is given to them, as a reference to the xenophobic nature of the Galdossian dwarves who tend to remain within their own underground nation of stone. Stone dwarf eye color is usually light brown or blue, though violets and grays are often seen.

Stone dwarves dress and wear their hair in whatever styles are popular around them, depending on where they live.


Stone dwarves are generally regarded as being more amicable than galdokin or dubgaldokin, but less amicable than gnomes. They often retain some suspicion of other races from their dwarven parent, though the degree of the suspicion will vary. Creatures such as goblins, giants, and shaahesk are intensely disliked. Humans and orcs are mistrusted because of their occasional tendencies to double cross dwarves. Nevertheless, the stone dwarves are known to make loyal friends and trusted allies to companions who get to know them.


Stone dwarves tend to stay between the poles of good and evil when they can. They are very pragmatic and will judge a situation from many different angles before deciding whether to help themselves or others. On the spectrum of law and chaos, they tend to favor the freedom associated with personal individualism, and are thus more often chaotic.

Stone Dwarf Lands

The majority of stone dwarves live in Deglos, where they are born. They have no countries or cities of their own, because they are too uncommon and scattered. Because of their comparatively open nature, they can be found living above ground as well as below.


Most stone dwarves pay homage to the ways of Fegall, which involve the pursuits of excellence and mastery in craftsmanship and science. If the need for other deities to fill in the blank portions of their lives arises, they will not hesitate to worship whom or what is required.


Stone dwarves can all speak the dubgaldokin version of dwarven, as well as gnomish. They are also well-versed in the Common tongue, and some of the giant-kin and goblinoid languages. It is also not uncommon for them to know orcish if they are involved in trade routes.

Also see the other dwarven languages.


Stone dwarf names can be either dwarven or gnomish, or a peculiar mix between the two. Their last name is a family name, but whether it is a gnomish or dwarven family name depends on their father's race. Dwarven surnames are often derived from clan names or manual labor occupations. Gnomish surnames are often derived from scholarly or scientific pursuits.

Male Names

Bealwin, Bobbin, Brock, Durken, Harth, Ilnor, Kurk, Lanakin, Terwin, Varan

Female Names

Analyn, Bedra, Haley, Jasmin, Kianta, Lana, Lucana, Merryweather, Sala, Sunshine

Last Names

Alconer, Boulderstump, Farrier, Magee, Stormkiller


Stone dwarf adventurers may be orphans seeking their roots, or wiley merchants involved in trade. Many are also crafters that wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of their inability to fit in exactly with either gnomes or dwarves, it is often acceptable for them to be wanderers in their respective societies.

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