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Elf male
Elf female

PC Statistics

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Dex -2 Con


Special Abilities:

Favored Class: Wizard


Also called "Dru'Elian high elves", these are the most numerous of the elven races on the planet. Concepts on elves that are perceived by other races originate largely from this breed. The Dru'Elian high elves are an elegant race of long-lived patient creatures who spend their days in contemplation of nature's beauty and the philosophies of life. Because of their unique gift of longevity, Dru'Elian high elves have a more global and temporal view of the world, not centered on individual civilizations and laws, but on the bigger picture in time. They use their unique insights to shape what they see as the larger history and future of Avlis, which is invisible to races that do not share their near immortality.


Avlissian elves are calm and serene on average, though beneath the placid exterior usually lies a fiery passion for nature and fairness. Many members of the race prefer to spend their long lives in simple existence, tending fields or hunting to produce food so they can feed their families and no more. Others pursue philosophy, art, and politics as a means of understanding the larger harmony of the universe. What they all have in common is their love for peace and freedom, and their staunch convictions to defend those principles from anything they see as a threat. Some races may think that this translates into a desire for conquest, but in reality it is quite the opposite for these elves. They honestly prefer to be left alone to let the days drift by in peaceful living, and only moved to action when forced to do so.

Physical Description

Dru'Elian elf skin can range from dark tan complexions to fair, sometimes having a bluish tint to it. Their facial features are very chiseled- looking compared to humans, dwarves, and other races, and they rarely ever reach heights above five feet tall. They have almond shaped, almost squinty eyes, and high cheek bones with very regal, but short noses. Their bodies are slender-looking, but the male elves are always toned and muscular, and the female elves are always shapely and fit. Hair colors run all the way from dark browns and blacks, to light blondes and reds. Very rarely, a green tint will appear from some far-removed fairy blood.

Preferred clothing is usually of fine leathers or textiles dyed with earth tone colors for daily use, and bright colors for ceremonial and recreational use. Most Avlissian elves dress modestly in tunics and breaches with few other accoutrements.

See also: elven skin colouring.


Though they get along well with their distant cousins, the ghost elves, Avlissian elves are most comfortable when living purely among their own kind. They understand that some degree of trade is necessary, and they make allowances for it, but they often try to stop non-elven populations from taking root in their cities permanently. This is especially true of humans from M'Chek, who have constantly battled them for lands in T'Nanshi. Though the elves do not hate these humans, they are fully prepared to defend against them by any means necessary. For elves that live in cities outside of T'Nanshi, the sentiments are a little different because they realize they are in foreign lands, and are more likely to be open and tolerant. Dwarves and elves generally accept one another in a curt manner, giving the impression of some kind of mutual non-molestation pact. Most elves are generally fond of gnomes, however, for the amusement that they get from them.

It is not known exactly what Dru'Elian high elves think of the sereg'wethrin and drangonari, two other races of elf on Avlis. They tend to give very slanted or non-direct answers when asked about the "sereg", and generally seem cold towards drangonari, but open hostilities between them have not been found.


"When the heart is known, the path is clear." Dru'Elian high elves tend towards goodness and chaos. They understand that some laws are necessary, but become quite agitated when the laws go too far, to the point of rebelling against them.

Avlissian Elf Lands

T'Nanshi is the land ruled by the elves and is thought to be the ancestral are where they were created. Its capital is the city of Le'Or T'Nanshi, a city in the trees. Most elves reside in this nation, either in the forests or in small settlements, though some can be found in the Seven Cities in positions of power. Many others are found wandering or making meager livings in other cities around Negaria.


All Avlissian elves know that Dru'El created them, and most pay him homage as their main god. It is also common, however, for elves to worship Pelar, Dra'Nar, Dre'Ana, and even Berryn. Many adopt one of these deities as their main. Religious freedom and tolerance is a staple of elven society, so this poses no conflict.


Elven language is said to be derived directly from the spirit language spoken by the first inhabitants of Avlis. Though it has changed much since then, and a couple dialects have emerged, the elves are very proud of this fact. Aside from speaking elven, nearly all elves can speak the common tongue, and a good amount of them also know sylvan, the language common to all sentient woodland creatures.


An elf's first name is its given name, and its last name signifies its family. Dru'Elian high elves are very aware of their lineage and family, and its place with respect to the greater elven society. Though family status only plays major roles in the armed services and government, the elves have an informal familial hierarchy. Noble families are those that have positions in government, or the army, or have been descended from past heroes in either place. Nobility can be permanent or it can be fleeting, depending on the actions of the family. Heroic deeds make the noble status more or less permanent, whilst government officials who serve out their terms with no mentionable accomplishments often return to anonymity.

Male Names

Alaran, Earar, Kohav, Maher, Lonovan, Solerion, Tri'as, Tre'lanin, Zeerestova, Zero'dru'el

Female Names

Ailinara, Delenari, Levana, Naia, Nansha, Nir'hirefya, Talyooma, Toova, Yeledela'dru'el, Yoofeh

Family Names

Ju'Eir, Niltaurwen, Rinthon, Sunmar, Verwinovel


Dru'Elian high elf adventurers can begin their careers with a small quest to save a sacred natural formation or grove, if given good enough reason to part from their contemplative lives. Many Avlissian elves are rangers or warriors by trade, and leave their home as part of a military operation. It is possible for some elves that they are so drawn to nature that they seek to know more and wind up following the path of the druid.

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