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The term 'generation' is used to divide the Avlissian player population into groups by joining date and/or main character creation date.

The first few generations are set apart by the availability of magic items on Avlis. In the first months of Avlis, items of +3 or greater would drop regulary for characters above level 18, and that continued for a long time in the underdark.

After the first few, a new generation usually starts when Avlis gets some major attention by advertising.

One Percenters

These are the first few characters made in Avlis in July 2002, and are joined together in an adventuring band called the One Percenters. They are the most powerful characters around in terms of PC power and are rarely seen in Avlis today. Their names are:

Feeb Ironfist
Harthgrepa Daemonsbane
Sammy Valorian
Tri'as Ju'eir
Vian Valorian

Second Generation

These characters joined just after the One Percenters, around mid-august/september 2002. The start of this generation is not clearly defined, the end is considered to be the cut-off of the so-called 'Balor Loot.'

Examples are Alladorn, Amonien, Green Raven, Peregryne, and Timo Karr.

Third Generation

Characters in this generation could get their hands on +3 items quite easily from random chest drops, for example in the underdark. The end of his generation is when the custom loot script was put into place, in July 2003. Another group of people belonging to this generation are the players who came from Mythos: Avlis was linked to the Mythos PW from May 22 2003 until July 21 2003.

Fourth Generation

When the chests no longer dropped loot according to Bioware's tables, but Avlis' own loot script and tables, powerful items were becoming increasingly difficult to find. While the Third Generation could easily get their hands on multiple +3 items, this was difficult for the 4th.

The end of this generation is September 2003. Several loot nerfs were made at the time: hordes of +1 items were no longer dropped, making it much more difficult for PCs able to obtain millions of gold easily.

Fifth Generation

This generation is the first group of players able to go to other CoPaP worlds: links to Hala (Sep. 2003) and Rockhome (Nov. 2003) were made. Like Avlis a year ago then, those two worlds were relativily new, and were not necessarily balanced in line with Avlis standards. There was a net flow of powerful magical items and gold into the Avlis economy, making this generation wealthier than generations 3 or 4.

BioWedders (1)

On wednesday, june 02 2004, the World of Avlis was featured on Bioware Wednesday, a weekly feature on Many people found Avlis through this page, and the first BioWedders are the most numerous generation to this day.

This generation is also called the Sixth Generation.

BioWedders (2)

Then, on wednesday september 01 2004 (part 1) and wednesday september 08 2004 (part 2), CoPaP was featured on Bioware Wednesday. This also led to big influx of players, although not as big as the first Bioware Wednesday.

This generation is also called the Seventh Generation.

Eighth Generation

This generation is spread out over a large time period, unlike the last two generations, which were more like a sudden wave of players coming.

A small wave of players did come from the Bioware Wednesday of january 05 2005, when NWNX2, the program that makes things like VaultSTER and true persistance possible in Avlis, was featured. It included several links to Avlis, and also mentioned both Avlis and CoPaP quite often. The amount of people coming from this feature wasn't really that big, but significant.

Other players who came to Avlis during this period were the ones who came from the Brynsaar and Exaria, two NWN PWs that shut down.

The end of this generation is at the end of may 2005, when the links to Hala and Rockhome were closed, and the gold drops were changed.

Ninth Generation

Also a generation spread out over a long time period, nothing special really happened. Correct this section if I'm wrong, which is likely.--Krator 15:37, 6 Mar 2006 (GMT)

This generation ends when Chuck Norris introduces his magnificent XP and loot changes at the end of 2005, which make it much easier for new players to obtain relativily 'nice' items and experience.

Google Generation

The newest generation of Avlis, this group of players includes the ones who found Avlis with Google Ads, where Avlis started advertising, and the Bioware Persistent World poll.