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|Name_of_Creature= Griffon
|Name_of_Creature= Griffon
|Companion_Submission_Status= researching
|Companion_Submission_Status= submitted
|CTS_Code= 1123
|CTS_Code= 1123
|Type_of_Creature= Magical Beast
|Type_of_Creature= Magical Beast

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Creature Name: Griffon

Observations by: Rain Merstin ((PM))

Creature Type: Magical Beast ((1123))

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: Not yet (submitted, but not yet reviewed).


The griffon has the body of a lion, but the wings and head of an eagle. Not counting the wings, it is about the same size of a lion. However, it has more strength than a normal lion. The griffon makes a strange noise that's a bit like screeching and a bit like growling.

Feeding Habits

The griffon often preys on medium to large sized mammals, such as horses.

Disposition and Social Habits

The griffon is a rather aggressive creature. It will respond to any threat violently. It is also intelligent and has much potential in training. Oddly, the griffon seems to be attracted to gold.


Temperate hills.


Most compatible: Hawk

  • The griffon has an eagle's head, can fly, and also behaves like an (huge) eagle.

Other notes

The griffons used for observation are a fiendish kind summoned by the author.