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==The Guild for Advancement of Knowledge in Nature==
==The Guild for Advancement of Knowledge in Nature==

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The Guild for Advancement of Knowledge in Nature

Alignment: Any

Base of Operations: Ferrell, Port Eridanus

DM sponsors: Nighthawk4

What is the AKN?

The Guild for Advancement of Knowledge & Nature, otherwise known as the AKN, is a private academy which instructs its members on the finer techniques of alchemy and herbalism. Business is not the goal of the AKN and members are allowed to use, sell, or give away their work as they please provided these members follow a set of reasonable guidelines. The AKN exists primarily to teach.

What does the AKN do?

Besides teaching, the AKN's other main focus is on research. The knowledge garnered from this research is frequently used to assist people who need services, such as those afflicted with the infamous spite.

How does the AKN teach?

After becoming a member of the guild the new entreant is given the title of Apprentice. Methods of education for new members vary. Members of equal rank are encouraged to share information with one another. Classes on specific recipes or by rank of recipe are held by older members. Finally, there is a system of mentorship in which someone will take the Apprentice under his or her wing.

How does one join the AKN?

Joining the AKN can occur by contacting an officer or speaking to a teacher during a scheduled class.

Membership application instructions and orientation schedule.

What benefits come with higher status?

High Apprentices are officially able to take on a private mentorship status with Apprentices. Journeymen receive access to a larger array of guild storage facilities. Masters obtain a room with a personal locker inside. Higher ranks also allow for taking higher-level herbal and alchemical courses offered by various instructors.

What other information exists about ranks in the AKN?

The ranking system is used to denote the official level of education a student has acquired. Any member may take a test to be promoted to the next level of rank so long as there is someone to administer it. Members wishing to take a test will be required to file an application under the Petition for Rank Advancement. A letter will be sent to the member informing them in advance what recipes he or she will be expected to produce and/or teach and the member will need to bring the guild fee relative to the level of rank they are testing for. The ranks and their monetary fees are divided as follows: Apprentice (10,000), Journeyman (30,000), and Master (50,000). Failing a test only results in a delay of promotion; payment to the guild does not occur until the student has achieved success.

What are the AKN fees used for?

The fees are used for securing, renovating, updating, and improving the existing guild hall in Ferrell, which contains the utilities necessary for studying and practice. Fees may also be used to further research through the payment of information from others or purchasing rare and valuable supplies. If a member who has paid these fees continues to work dilligently and achieves the rank of Master, all the fees are allocated to furnishing his or her new Master's room instead.

Why should anyone join the AKN?

The AKN exists to provide the service of valuable education. The lore obtained within the guild can both enrich and save lives in dire situations, as well as broadening a person's horizons without putting oneself at risk.

Eldraea, a longtime member of the guild and a respected citizen of Elysia, says: "I myself joined the AKN to be able to study under some of the best alchemists and herbalists on the face of Avlis, so that I could produce the tools of a healer, and to pass on the knowledge I learned to the next generation of apprentices. The AKN offers an atmosphere where everyone is equal, and where everyone can decide for themselves how much time they wish to invest in the crafting process. There are no monthly dues one must adhere to, and there is always a friendly face around that will gladly help you with the problems you might face."

Active Directors

Headmaster: Bell Arren PM

Director of Relations: Vacant

Director of Initiations: Jalya Ak'hanrye PM

Director of Research: Vacant

Director of Guild Development: Vacant

Director of Information: Pilder Glittermil PM