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This Andrinor's Trust Order is now defunct. See: House of the Ebon Blade
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Historic Mage Orders
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Blue Ashen Red
Gold Ebony Violet

Ebony Order of the Moon

Philosophy: Ambition, Pragmatism, Ego as cited in The Ebony Order of the Moon

Restrictions: Wizards and Sorcerers Only

Base: The Ebony Tower, Visimontium.

Archmage: Heiran va'Mairne (PM)


One of the Orders of Andrinor's Trust. The Ebony magi are dedicated to the pursuit of Magic to the purest of ends - for its Power. An Ebony mage is typically willing to do anything to further their knowledge, and often works at the expense of others. They seek to master all the mysteries of magic, including arts that others find reprehensible, and in doing so achieve fantastic powers.

The Order believes that all power is yours for the taking, but you must be willing to do what is necessary to make it your own. Some prefer force over subtlety, others trickery over brutality, but in the end all Ebony strive to enhance their foothold in the world. In the eyes of the Ebony, if you are incapable of doing what is necessary to achieve your ends, you are unworthy of the power you desire.

For more information, contact the Archmage, any of the Great Mages, or any in the pitch black and red robes of the Order.

Current Members


Great Magi

Senior Magi

Notable Member Magi

Advanced Mage Specializations (AMS)


  • Vilne Elor (Teacher Rank)


  • Elradra Rasul (Teacher Rank)

Shadow Matter Illusionist

  • Vincent Morris (2nd Rank)
  • Oorayv'levena (3rd Rank)


  • Tybalt Rasul (3rd Rank)
  • Scarlet Firefly (3rd Rank)
  • Ulu Elexin (3rd Rank)
  • Vesdrac Noss'tau (Teacher rank)

Former Archmagi

In chronological order

Former Members

(those who left, are deceased, or missing, presumed dead)