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Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana

The Holy Symbol of Dre'Ana

Location: Elysia

Alignment: Any good or neutral female

Description: Dedicated to helping all in need and helping to train women in according to the teachings of DreAna.

Colors: Purple and Gold

Ways to contact: Leave a note at the Maiden's Keep in Elysia or speak with a Warrior Maiden herself.

Arch Mistress & Curator Mistress Lady Nawen Amakiir

Divine Mistress Annika Ju'er

Battle Mistress Triia

Estate Mistress Terra Swift

The Philosophy of a Warrior Maiden is two fold, for each sister is a holy warrior and goes forth in Her name to do what is right. A Warrior Maiden understands and acknowledges that she will have to make sacrifices of herself to achieve what is right in this world. It is through the sacrifices of training in physical or mental combat that we strive to set ourselves part from every person we come in contact. A Warrior Maiden shall strive to develop her very own method of combat techniques to help in achieving independence from the world around her.

The Warrior Maiden is all about independence and freedom in life, in thought and in action. Through we training as group and we go into battle as a group, no one is forced to as free will and one’s own devotion to Her message drives each of us. There are many ways a Warrior Maiden may start to feel her independence and freedom, some could feel it the first time the take up arms in Her name and stand proudly of their own free will, while others might feel it in the form of learning what they previously did not know.

Is above all else that Dre’Ana teaches us we are equals to men, we are warriors, we are scholars, and we are leaders.

We believe in good and evil, right in wrong, black and white, but we also see the middle ground, the intent of action and the grey. We know the world is not perfect and that it will not prefect either by our actions or the actions of any as we are mortal. Therefore we strive to defend those that are wronged through evil actions and to defend what we hold sacred to us. We choose to work together with others of good intent to defend those that can not defend themselves and to help them be safe and to live freely.

While Dre’Ana is the patron of Jechran, we each believe that She looks down on us from time to time and lights each of our paths. So, that we can continue our work in Her name. We do not look for Her divine intervention into task or problems we face as we will act as we have taught and through those actions we will learn as a sisterhood and as individuals. She hears our prayers and She watches as her daughters learn to stand up on their own to carry forth and do what is right.

What To Expect: Lots of RP and training just to name a few

Purpose and IC roles: Dedicated to helping women in need and training women in according to the teachings of DreAna. To promote women as more than objects and the weaker sex.