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Who are the Guards?

The crest of the M'Chekian Guards

The M'Chekian Guards are the law enforcers in M'Chek but they also conduct special operations and various other tasks for the Government. They answer directly to Lady Finmaegen, their government liason, but also other members of the Joint Houses issue orders to the Guards.

Bringing criminals to justice, charming the local maidens, and keeping the Nation of M'Chek safe from various threats is all in a days work for a Guard. Anyone can try to join the M'Chekian Guards, and if their attitude, actions and behaviour is deemed fit by one of the Senior Officers, they are issued a uniform and given a limited juristiction as a Guard in Training. The Guards can be contacted by leaving a note for one of the senior officers, either at Finmaegen Keep or the prison in Mikona.

Guards are generally given some leeway when it comes to how they enforce the Law, though if a Guard behaves in an unacceptable manner he should not expect to remain a Guard for long. There is a strict hierarchy of rank, but also excellent opportunities for advancement. To become a full Guard you are required to swear allegiance to the Nation of M'Chek, to the M'Chekian Guards and to the Commanding Officer as a final test at the end of the training period.

A brief history of the M'Chekian Guards

Lord Marcus Deth, former liaison to the M'Chekian Guards

When the war with T'Nanshi was drawing to an end, commander Dala Wennen, the leader of the Alpha Corps, saw the need for a new police unit to keep the peace in M'Chek. Pending approval from the Central Command, Wennen created the M'Chekian Guards first as a subsection of the Alpha Corps, headed by lieutenant Magnus Khan. The Guards were given control over the defensive operations in M'Chek, something that previously had been assigned to the department of Combat Operations.

Before long, official word came from the Central Command that Wennen's plans had been approved. As a reward for years of service and bloodshed for the their country, those in the Alpha Corps that were willing to join the M'Chekian Guards were automatically enrolled once the war was over, they were also allowed to keep a rank equivalent to the one they had in the Alpha Corps. General Marcus Deth, newly appointed Lord after his success in the field made the announcement.

A new organization has been born today: the M'Chekian Guards. Formed with members of elite units of our army such as the distinguished Alpha Corps and the Special Forces, the main purpose of the M'Chekian Guards will be to enforce the law in our great nation, sharing jurisdiction with the Sword of Toran in Mikona and working on their own in the rest of the country. This elite unit will be under control of the Joint Houses.

All hail the M'Chekian Guards, defenders of the land!

Lord Deth
The Sorcsword of M'Chek

After a period of structural changes in the senior staff, Jared Evershield eventually rose to the role of Lord Provost, the leader of the M'Chekian Guards. Spit, who had been Lord Provost just before stepped down to the executive position of Provost Marshall. Dala Wennen left the Guards to assume her newly appointed seat in the Common House of Goverment.

In the recent years, Lady Emilia Finmaegen has taken up the role as the Joint Houses liaison to the Guards.

The Iron Fist Division

The M'Chekian Guards was again restructured into a two-battalion elite regiment made up of 2 battalions of 10 companies each.

The urban battalion, ((which the PCs are part of,)) is divided by company and generally sent either on detached duty or to guard important objectives. They often liaison with the M'Chek Army, notably the Blackhawk Regiment, for join military operations.

The field battalion is usually sent all together as an elite force, currently in the Underdark Division. The exact nature of why they're sent somewhere is usually not known.

The title of Lord Provost was retired and replaced with Provost Marshall.

The Senior Staff of the M'Chekian Guards: Iron Fist Division

A M'Chekian Guardsman in his full plate uniform

Commanding Officer

Derek Matthews

Provost Marshall

Executive Officer


Senior Officers

Hyacinth Pike


Tamia Dane


Lisa Ormane

Captain, Liaison Officer to M'Chek Army

Guild Information

Alignment: Any.

Base of operations: Nighthawk Barracks in Finmaegen Keep, M'Chek.

How to contact us: Send a message to any of the senior officers.

What we do: We take care of law enforcement in the Nation of M'Chek, as well as performing special forces tasks.

What to expect: The guild is heavily involved in pretty much all the current affairs in M'Chek.