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Half-Orc male
Half-Orc female

PC Statistics

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Str -2 Int -2 Cha

Favored Class: Barbarian

Special Abilities:


Born of a union between a human and an orc, half-orcs are considered inferior by their orcish kin, and regarded by them to have diminished mental cunning and quickness. By their human folk, they are seen as products of a distasteful union, which may or may not have been borne out of violence or guile. Balancing these disadvantages, half-orcs strive to become accepted in one or both of their kindred societies, and often fail miserably and become hopelessly depressed or violently angry.


The main personality traits exhibited by a half-orc are dependent on which society they were raised in. When raised around orcs, they are looked down upon, resulting in poor self-confidence and a sense of inferiority, especially compared to other orcs. When raised among humans, they are feared because of their larger size and superior strength, and will either become bullies or act as "gentle giants" who want nothing more than to fit in with other humans.

Physical Description

Half-orcs stand between 6 and 6 1/2 feet tall, and have thick facial features and a stocky frame. In some specimens, the brow is very pronounced, as with orcs. Others have a very prominent jaw, complete with jutting tusks from the lower jaw that are smaller than a full-blooded orc's tusks. Skin color is usually dark, tending more towards the orcish coloring, while eye color can range the entire normal human palette of browns, blues, and greens. Hair color dark, and very course, tending more towards an orcish hair texture.

Half-orcs will dress as taught by the society that raised them.


Orcs consider half-orcs to be inferior both mentally and physically because their blood is diluted and weak. Humans view them as freaks born from a distasteful union, and many fear them because of their large size and frightening features. Half-orcs who embrace their orcish side have a hard time becoming accepted in that society, but if they are manipulative and cunning enough, it is possible for them to fit in. Those who try to embrace their human half find difficulty in being trusted and liked. If unable to fit in with either side, half-orcs can become despondent and dejected, which can lead them to violent lives of crime or abject wandering.


Half-orc alignments can vary widely depending on which race raised them. Those that are raised by orcs tend towards lawful evil alignment if they embrace the ways of orcish society. On the other hand, the alignment of half-orcs who were raised by humans depends strongly on which human society they came from, and how well they fit in there.

Half-Orc Lands

Half-orcs have no nations or lands that they control. They are found in the presence of orcish or human societies most often, though half-orcs who have been ousted by both societies can often be found in places where other ruffians and rabble congregate.


Valok is a popular god for half-orcs raised by orcs, however half-orcs raised by humans will often adopt whatever god their human brethren hold sacred. A few half-orcs are so distraught with their inability to fit in with either humans or orcs that they shun religion altogether.


Half-orcs are able to speak the language of the society that raised them. Those that were raised by orcs can speak both orcish and the common tongue. If they make a habit of traveling, half-orcs may sometimes pick up other languages.


Half-orcs are named by the race that raised them. If they were raised by humans and are claimed by their families, they may have a human last name that signifies some sort of stature or lack of it. Adventurers: In their quest to be accepted, half-orcs will often travel far and wide to find a way to fit in. They are known to be very resourceful, sometimes even surpassing the resourcefulness of full-blooded orcs and humans, though neither race will admit such a thing.